As a Fort Myers Entrepreneur I have seen a lot of different business ideas, some make sense while others may be a little tougher to implement. Here are some ideas from a Fort Myers Entrepreneur to possibly help you make more money from home.

1) Organizing virtual assistants. As a Fort Myers Entrepreneur there are a lot of things I use a virtual assistant for. My virtual assistant is in India and they get paid $3 an hour. How many local businesses or employees do things that someone could do virtually? If you took the time to locate businesses and offer to make them more efficient by outsourcing some of their tasks, would they be willing to pay $4-5 an hour? If you got enough businesses, that could add up quickly. All you would be doing is brokering their time and taking the difference in money. Knowledge is power and not too many people know you can get an assistant for that cheap.

2) What is it that small businesses or perhaps a Fort Myers Entrepreneur need? Most businesses always want to have more marketing and or more leads. What about working out agreements that got you paid for performance? Perhaps structuring it where any lead you bring in got your X number of dollars. A lot of Lee County businesses are currently not hiring anyone but I think most if not all of them would be happy to pay directly for business. A savvy networker could have a rolodex of services and plug people into their system as they meet people.

3) How about brokering people’s Ebay stuff? I did this years ago, in fact I was in an infomercial on late night TV for it, all the good old days! In this kind of economy, people would love to have extra spending cash but may not know how nor want to Ebay their stuff. Almost everyone has things they could Ebay, you could do the work of taking the pics and uploading them and get a percentage. Before you spend time uploading though, I would research the product(s) and see if they are selling and for what on Ebay. That is the great thing about Ebay, it is like the world market place that gives you the true value (what someone will pay) for about any product.

If you noticed, all three of these ideas can create you income without spending anything. All three create something out of nothing. As a Fort Myers Entrepreneur I love hearing new ideas on income generation. Share your ideas if you would like!

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Entrepreneur