Fort Myers Coach hired by Bonita Springs Credit Company. Fort Myers Coach, Ray Higdon, was brought on board Interactive Credit, a Bonita Springs Credit Consulting company on Tuesday, May 12th, 2009. Interactive Credit currently has offices in Louisville, Tampa, Bradenton, Columbus and is headquartered in Bonita Springs. The Fort Myers Coach was brought on to improve their profitability within their sales force as well as help the owners become more hands off within their business. As a Bonita Springs Credit company, Interactive has seen a boom in business with the current economy and will be utilizing Ray in many ways to help increase their profitability.

“The main reasons we decided to bring Ray on board were because of his marketing skills as well as his ability to improve profitability within companies. We think Ray is a perfect fit for our goals in expanding our business locally and across the Nation. Currently with 5 offices around the country, we see Ray helping us grow the bottom line as well as expanding into new territories. We have seen what Ray has done for other companies and are really excited to be working with him”, say Jason Krucker, co-owner of Bonita Springs Credit Company, Interactive Credit.