I love helping people. I really do. Sometimes I talk to people and they are stuck at a small level of something or someone (LOL) that is happening in their life. When it comes to business I ask them what would their idol or person they are trying to model would do. Sometimes I just get a blank stare but let me explain this principle to you. You know one piece of brilliant marketing that has been done is the bracelets that say WWJD, What would Jesus do. That is brilliant if you think about it. If you have someone that is super successful in your line of business and you cannot think of a way out, think of how your idol would handle it! This sometimes gives you a much bigger idea on how to handle or let go of the situation. You see, whoever your idol is, at some point, they decided (not anyone else, they did) that they were going to be who the entity that they are currently versus who they used to be. At some point that speaker, celebrity or athlete that you really like decided they were going to be a super success and stopped being ordinary Joe or Jane.

You can too! You can BE the person you want to be by just changing the way you think and how you carry yourself and how you react to situations. I challenge you that if you are in a bind right now with a problem, think to yourself, what would your idol do and see if you see the issue from a different point of view. Guess what, choosing to think a bigger and smarter way is free, takes less time than stress and actually has good side effects!

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Coach