I am a Fort Myers Blogger and today’s blog cracks me up when I think about it. You may be wondering, what the heck is a Fort Myers Blogger? Well, as a Fort Myers Blogger, I write online about my adventures and share them with others. I mainly blog about marketing, speaking and the law of attraction. Today, this Fort Myers Blogger is gonna take you down a funny path to getting your marketing materials for free!

You have all probably heard of Vistaprint right? And you may know that sometimes Vistaprint gives away free stuff but what you probably didn’t know is you can order free stuff every single day from Vistaprint with the right account. My friend Jon taught me this and I have used this tactic, seriously, everyday for over a month, all you pay for is shipping, which, you would think is overpriced but it is not! I actually took a picture, check this out

All my free vistaprint stuff

In the picture you will see business cards, postcards, a banner, yard signs, hats, car magnets, return address labels. In the box on the left is notepads, a mouse pad and more postcards. Not pictured are the car magnets that are now on my car and the smaller magnets that I have placed on unsuspecting friends vehicles. Everything you see in this picture I got for free, and paid a total of around $60 shipping for. And yes, I still place a new order every single day! Today I ordered another t-shirt, hat, yard sign, car magnet, XL photo magnet and more business cards. If you have the right account, they actually send you new daily free offers in your email. You can sign up for free by clicking the banner below. In these economic times a dollar saved is a dollar earned!

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Blogger