This Weeks Numis Network Events, Webinars and Training..and..OH CANADA!

Hey everyone!

This weekend I spoke for Ron Legrand at his marketing to the masses event in Orlando, we brought on a great group of folks from all over the country, welcome new members! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have some new go getters all over the country! This is the time to build this business before everyone you know hears about it! Get people on webinars and watch your business grow!

On Monday we will have the ability to sponsor our northern friends the Canadians! This represents a huge opportunity for us all to expand in a totally new area and I know there are some great people that will come onboard with us. This is the cruise week so the end of this week I will be on a cruise with the founders and some of the 4 stars in Numis Network, I WANT YOU ALL TO BE ON THE NEXT ONE! Let me help you grow your business. I help my team with 3 way calls and of couse anyone can jump on these webinars.

I recorded the audio from my talk on Numis Network in Naples, use this however you would like, you could put this on an audio CD and give out to your prospects or simply direct them to the site or copy the file down and put it on your site – is the link

Since I trained on Social Media I have been inundated with people asking me for more tips and tricks on marketing NumisNetwork online, here is a system that I use that has EXCELLENT training and a good system. They are running a special right now where you can get access to all the training for $1 –

Check out this youtube I recorded and you are welcome to send
this to people or prospects

The software will ask you for a nickname…you can put in whatever you would like as a nickname, it does not require a password

This Monday

Monday Night, 7pm EST, NumisNetwork Opportunity Webinar by Ray Higdon
(This link will be the same every week for Monday by me at 7PM EST)

Webinar – My man Jim Z in Philly! – 8pm EST –

9:00 PM EST – Opportunity Conference Call
Call 1-816-410-7493
Access # 517467

This Tuesday

Tuesday Luncheon in Naples at Noon – Numis!
Speaker is Ray Higdon
Noodles Italian Cafe
1585 Pine Ridge Rd
Naples, FL 34109
Network with Naples Finest!

Tuesday night, 8pm EST, Numis Opportunity Webinar with Ray Higdon
(this link will remain the same every week)

TRAINING!-Tuesday night, 9pm EST, Ray Higdon teaching Social Media and Attraction marketing tactics for Numis
(this link will remain the same every week)

This Wednesday

Corporate Training Call: Wednesday, 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Conference Call In Number: 816-410-7493
Enter Conference ID: 669827#

Around the country

Sunday 11/15/2009
5:00 PM PST
Numis Network Business Presentation
Join Founders Chris Kent, Jake Kevorkian and 4 Star Collectors Tom Bean and Bill Coy
Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas
South Convention Hall
The Palm A Room

6:30 PM CST
NumisNetwork Business Presentation
Join Founder Jake Kevorkian and ICR Joe Longton
Keller Williams Training Center
1921 Lohmans Crossing
Lake Travis, TX

6:30 PM EST
Numis Network Business Presentation/Quick Start Training
Join Founder Chris Kent
Marriott Westshore
1001 N Westshore Blvd
Tampa, FL

6:30 PM EST
NumisNetwork Business Presentation/Quick Start Training
Join Founder Jake Kevorkian
Marriott Westshore
1001 N Westshore Blvd
Tampa, FL

6:30 PM EST

Numis Network Business Presentation/ Quick Start Training
Join Founder Chris Kent
Marriott Westshore
1001 N Westshore Blvd
Tampa, FL

Those on my team, use me for 3 way calls, let me help you build!

Ray Higdon