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Is your prospect not responding? When should you stop following up with them?

In this training, I share EXACTLY when to stop follow up with your network marketing prospect.

Follow Up

Inside of Rank Makers, we have the video called the Closing Blueprint and that’s where I cover exactly word for word, what to say to get them to agree to watch your video, what to say after they watch your video, and what to say if they don’t respond. I give you that entire thing. What I’m talking about is AFTER that.

Let’s say four, five, six days go by and they still haven’t responded. Now, this is what I’m talking about. Or you’ve been messaging people and they’re just not responding at all, so they never watch your video or something like that.

When To Stop Following Up With Your Network Marketing Prospect

So, when do you stop following up?

Well, if they’re an a-hole.

If somebody says “Dude, just give it up already, man. I don’t want to work with you.”

I would say “Cool, no problem.” I would disqualified him. He no longer has the privilege of getting my mentoring, getting my training, my teachings and being a part of my blessed team.

Now, you on your side, you may think “Well, he disqualified you, Ray.”

That may be your translation. It’s not my translation. My translation is I’ve just disqualified him. He would have disqualified himself from my team, from my mentorship, from my training, from my time, from me working with him and helping him build an empire. Disqualified.

In the absence of rudeness, meanness or being a jerk, I’m going to follow up with prospects until I see their name in the obituaries. I’m not joking. I’m going to follow up with them for probably ever.

There are people that I recruited YEARS after starting prospecting them. And, one of my followups, got them at the right time.

Again, if they reply with meanness, rudeness, and being jerk, then I have disqualified them. But, I’m going to follow up for freaking ever. If I’m up on stage, I may send them a picture of here’s me on stage in front of 20,000 people and just having a blast. And, I say like “If you know anyone that loves to have fun and loves to make extra money, we’ll show them how to do it. Let me know.”

I will do update deflection until I see their name in the obituaries. Then, I’m going to say that doesn’t make any sense. That’s my followup.

Now, can you do this with every lead?

Probably not.

The chances of you doing what I’m talking about with every single person you ever meet, pretty unlikely. I will follow up longer if someone is sharp, someone that I’d like to work with, has a good energy, and business connected. There are no leads that I’ll mark off, unless they are rude or disrespectful. But, there are some leads that I kind of give a little bit more, if they’re pretty connected. If I really like their energy or their attitude and I will pay special attention to them and I’ll probably follow up with them better, more consistently than I would just the regular Joe Schmo.

In the video below I share exactly how I followed up with a prospect for YEARS and how he finally came around.

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