Follow up is the key to growing any business but especially in network marketing. Today Jess will speak on how to up your follow-up game and get the result you are looking for in your business.

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Follow Up Is The Key

Follow-up is a good idea…

Here’s the funny thing is I know several very high-income earners that if you don’t respond to them, they’re onto the next, right? But here’s the key. They make it up in a big way in sheer numbers. I mean, they are always, always talking to somebody, always. They are hustling their face-off, okay, which is great. I think that works.

However, practically, okay, let’s look at the average person. They have kids, they have a job, they have a family. If you’re 23 with no kids and no family and no spouse and this is your life, okay, then that is very doable for you. You can outperform anybody from sheer numbers and hustle. I honestly recommend that you should if that’s your circumstance, okay?

If you have no kids, no spouse, no commitments, maybe you have a job, but big deal, okay, that should be your goal. Hustle your face off until you take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. No joke. Seriously, okay? So if that’s your life, great.

For most people, that’s not their life. You have to look at it from the lens of what can I practically do and how will I show up every day. The key is not having a hundred leads a day, although that would be fantastic, the key is in the follow-up. So I highly recommend following up because when you follow up, you can turn 10 people a week into two very qualified people versus 500 people in a week into 10 to 15 very qualified people.

It’s a matter of how many times you follow up. Don’t beat them senseless and start hammering on and making them feel awkward. But don’t let them go until they say, Absolutely not. No way. I’m never doing this in my life.” Here’s how you follow up. Give them something to look forward to or give them a reason for you to follow up. Don’t just come back to them and say, “Hey, I’m following up with you. Did you watch the thing?” No, give them a reason you’re following up with them. It’s creating something out of nothing that is really what it is.

We learned this from Larry Thompson, but he had had a principle that he called blue ink and he called it blue ink because back in the day when they were using paper applications, he wanted… He had all these follow-ups to do, right? So he made up this thing where he saw that one of the applications actually was in blue ink instead of black, okay?

No big deal. But he made it a big deal and he went to every prospect and he went to every leader and he said, “Oh my gosh, guys. We know how blue ink applications if you want to get your hands on one of these, make sure that you start signing people up and you get these blue ink applications out.”

He went to his prospects and was like, “Hey, just so you know, we’re coming out with these amazing new applications. They’re brand new. They’re incredible. It’s going to really help sign-ups. So if you want to do this, let me know.” Literally meant nothing, right? They just changed the ink on the application, but he made it into something.

So in your follow-up, say to people, “Hey, I’m actually meeting later this afternoon with this realtor. She is going to blow this thing up and I’m really excited. You know what, if you decide that this is something you want to do beforehand, we can actually collaborate together and build some really amazing growth and momentum.” Right? Create something out of nothing.

Followup, followup, followup. I would follow up four or five times. I’m not saying you have to follow up 10 times, 20 times. It’s just not practical, but follow up four or five times. If they’re gone in that moment, great. Do not mark them off your list. A year from now, two years from now…

I had somebody come back to me five years after I had prospected them. Still come back to them and drip on them. But in that first 90 days, maybe four to five follow-ups, okay? But come back to them with something that you really can make special. It doesn’t have to be from the company or from your upline. It can be something that you just create.

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