Jim Rohn said it best when he said, “Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish for YOU to be better!” This is advice I think a lot of us could use more in our lives. If you study the law of attraction, you learn that when you worry and focus on your competition, you attract more competition, SO STOP DOING IT!

If you subscribe to the idea that there is plenty of whatever it is you do out there for everyone, you stop worrying about competition. When I am out and about at events and businesses, I hear a lot of business owners and real estate professionals talk about their competition, and typically in a negative way. There are two main reasons not to do this. Number one is if you subscribe to the idea of the law of attraction, which I do, you understand that energy flows where attention goes and you focusing on your competition only creates more competition for you! A great example is elections. The media talks about how bad someone is and they end up winning!

The second main reason is when you talk about people or competition, you are reducing the amount of time you can think and talk about your own business. I don’t care who you are, your business can always be improved! Spend your time and energy thinking of how to make your own business better and that is time well spent!

I work with a lot of real estate investors and I see a lot of investors spend their time focusing on their competition. I recall one time I had a property for sale and I emailed it out to my database. The next day, another investor had taken that property and resent it out to his database telling everyone how bad of a deal it was! The great thing — he had a link to my website in his email! The next two days I had more than a 20% increase in hits on my website than normal and I have to think that investor had a lot to do with it!

Now, not all competition stories are that clear cut where focusing on the competition was a dumb decision but just know that each minute you spend focusing on things you cannot control, you lose control of the things you do!

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Best Wishes,

Ray Higdon
Founder, The Forever Wealth Club