Florida MLM Company Figures Out How To Ensure Success For 100% Of Their Reps

Hey there! I’m involved with the only MLM company that
100% of the reps succeed financially, even if they are a total

Let me explain…

I’m sure that you have had reps in your organization that are on
autoship for the products, but do absolutely nothing to build the
business, or are very weak with respect to the business building
activities.  That autoship is a total liability from a business
perspective to them.

Historically, the only way to really make money in network
marketing is to sell the product or recruit a downline, and 97% of
network marketers are failures in this endeavor…

But not anymore…

You see, with Numis Network, even the “failures” succeed
financially because we’re autoshipping money.  Do you see why they
succeed in spite of their failure? Let me make it plain…

Common sense says that, if I’m getting money every month shipped to
my front door in the form of gold and silver numismatic coin
assets, then I’m automatically succeeding financially even if I
don’t build a downline or even sell the product!

What other MLM product can say that, by simply getting on autship
for the product your financial situation gets BETTER???

This is the reason why almost 100% of my organization is on autoship today
and will most likely never get off…

This is why the Numis Network opportunity deserves your attention
AND participation…

How can you ignore the obvious?   Why not market
a product that forces financial success even on the worst rep in
your organization simply by accepting the product when it arrives
at their front door?

You owe it to yourself to learn as much as possible about Numis

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If there’s nothing else in the entire world of MLM that has this
sort of power, then why would you not look at it seriously?  So I
say to you, why not market money???

I’m sure you can see it.  I’ll see you on the

Ray Higdon
[email protected]
(239) 471-4800

PS: This is the only company I work, and I work it fulltime. If you
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