OK, so this title may sound a little weird but bear with me. I believe that GUILT is what kills and stresses people out more than anything. As a Florida Internet Marketing guy I see people say over and over that they are going to do (insert someday activity here) and when they do, they will be happy. Let me give you some examples:

I will someday write a book. I will someday climb Mount Everest. I will someday quit smoking.

How about the simple and freeing task of replacing Someday with the word never. Let’s try that one out:

I will never write a book. I will never climb Mount Everest. I will never quit smoking.

See? Isn’t that freeing? But wait you say! How dare you tell me I will never….ok, ok, calm down. Either you decide to say never or you do it RIGHT NOW, that’s right, RIGHT NOW! Write that book, smash that cigarette, climb that mountain, ask out that hot blonde you’ve been wanting to, WHATEVER, but just do it!

Or, be happy smoking that cigarette…

Florida Internet Marketing Dude

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