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Florida East Coast About To Be Hit by Numis Network!

The Florida East Coast is about to get set on FIRE! Numis Network is coming to town!
5 Star Ray Higdon will be presenting on the Florida East Coast at Dania Beach on Saturday, May 1st. Who should show up?

1) People that believe timing is right for a home based business in Gold and Silver
2) People that want to seriously change their bank account for the better
3) People that want to hang out with fun people that want to see you succeed!

So, who should NOT attend?

1) Those that believe it is better to have less money
2) Those that enjoy struggling and hate the idea of being mentored
3) Those that still think Mullets are in style
(OK, the last one is a joke but, really?)

Watch this video to see why the Florida East Coast should be concerned!


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