network marketing recruitingWould it be cool to learn how to get faster results with less objections in your Network Marketing recruiting?

This guest post, by my good friend Tanya Aliza, will show you just that!

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Faster Network Marketing Recruiting with Less Objections and Resistance by Tanya Aliza

Yes it is possible!

I have no idea where you are in your Home Business. You might be super successful, just starting out or struggling to gain your traction still. But there’s one thing I know for certain… It doesn’t matter where you currently are, you need interested people to talk to about your opportunity that are excited to join you.

Currently, as I’m writing this post for Ray, I’m the #3 recruiter in my company (out of over 300,000 people) and I attribute a few key elements to this success.

Want to know what some of them are so you can copy them?

I’ll break it down it in few steps for you and then I’ll leave you with something cool that’ll help take your Home Business to new heights.

4 Tips to Recruit More Reps and Achieve Network Marketing Success

#1 – Commit & Burn the Bridge (Tweet This Tip)

This might seem obvious, but I’m still surprised at how many people are ‘Trying Out’ their home business.

People who try things out fail. Remember that.

Once you commit that there’s no turning back, you’ll see a complete turn around in how your prospects respond to you. They’ll see your commitment and it’ll rub off on them.

Just think about it, do you want to join someone in business that’s just ‘trying it out’?

#2 – Posture Up (Click to Tweet)

Are you letting your prospects walk all over you?

I did in the beginning!

No one taught me this in the beginning and I wish I would have learned this earlier on.

I had a mind shift that really helped me. I realized that if I was going to create network marketing success, that I had to treat my business like a business.

With that, I had to train my prospects how to treat me.

If I allowed them to walk on my processes, they would, but if I took control of my processes they would respect that.

For example: Let’s say I was setting an appointment up to share my business with someone and I said “Hey Matt, I have something super important that crossed my desk that you’re gonna want to see, I need your attention for 15 mins at 7pm tonight cool?”

Have you ever had your prospect ask you to SEND them the info?

What have you done?

I suggest NEVER caving in on your process.

In our team we never send the info over. Why? Because we want to walk someone through the process of getting started right after they absorb the info.

So if you’re slack and too casual with your process and you lose your posture, you’re training your prospect to be the same way.

If you don’t take your processes seriously, your prospect won’t either.

This has been a major component to my success in recruiting new teammates faster and on the spot.

#3 – Commit to 3 a Day (Tweet This)

I train my team to focus on the things they can control in their business rather than the things they can’t.

We can’t control whether people sign up or not, but we can control our activity that feeds the result.

More Activity = More Result

Plain and simple.

If you’re goal is to make a big check in our industry then I suggest making a road map and following it. The good news is, the road map is 3 a day!

Show 3 people your presentation every day until to hit your goal!

I’ve yet to meet a 6 or 7 figure earner in our profession that’s done anything less.

Your prospects around you are going to notice your activity and they’re going to want to jump on board, purely because they want to be a part of the party.

If you create the party, people will come.

When you move fast and you’re having fun, people will naturally be attracted to you and will be ready to join without a bunch of crazy objections or questions. They’ll want to be a part of the community!

#4 Invest in Training (Tweet This)

When your prospects see that you’re investing in yourself to be a better leader, they’ll want to join you more.

Not to mention that you’ll also be growing and acquiring new skill sets, becoming more valuable to your team. I invest in myself constantly so I can give more to my community and by doing that, I get people reaching out to me all the time wanting to work with me.

I suggest going to your company events, investing in courses and plugging in as much as you can.

The more you grow, the more your team grows, the more your check grows and the more your lifestyle transforms.

Wasn’t That Awesome?

Tanya did a great job sharing didn’t she? Be sure to let her know in the comment below if you got value and you can also share this with your team. Tanya also has a free webinar training she does to help you with your network marketing recruiting and branding. You can register here for that free training and she teaches how she recruits so many reps and some cool social media prospecting strategies as well.

Again, if you got value be sure to thank Tanya below in the comments and hope this helps you and your teammates with their network marketing recruiting!

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