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With all the craze over facebook lives and so many people doing them, is it really worth it?

In this training, I share my honest thoughts about facebook lives and how to be the most effective network marketer.

Is It Necessary To Do Facebook Lives To Be An Effective Network Marketer?

Were there effective and extremely profitable network marketers before the internet?


One of my buddies built a network marketing company in the ’80s. He built that business 27 years ago and still makes a six-figure-a-year income. He has NEVER done a video, because videos didn’t exist back then.

You certainly don’t have to do videos.

BUT, if I said, “Hey, can you go and clean the carpet.” And you asked, “Well, Ray, do I have to use a vacuum?”

No. You don’t have to. You can go and individually pick each strand of crumb, or food product, or whatever else is in that carpet. There’s lots of ways. You can take one of the little handheld dust things. And if it’s a 2,000-square-foot area, it might take you a little bit longer. You can take a paper towel, wet it, and kind of pat each square inch of the carpet. OR you could take the vacuum.

You certainly don’t have to do videos.

It’s kind of like, “Hey, Ray, I live in a day and age where I’ve been given this amazing device that can attract thousands of people to me, that can help me build a following, that can help me impact more people, that can help attract more people to me. Do I have to use it?”

No, you definitely don’t have to use it.

You don’t have to do Lives, and you don’t have to vacuum your 2,000-square-foot area carpet with a vacuum either. Right? You can just handpick it. It’s really your call.

Age Of Mass Communication

But you’ve been blessed in an age where we’re really spoiled with the amount of people that we can impact.

30 years ago, how would I get a live audience? I would have to rent a hotel. I would have to cover the overhead. Probably set up a projector, and lights, and seats, and give out directions. I would have to market it. I’d probably have to run an ad.

You’ve been spoiled in this day and age of mass communication hysteria.

All the old school stuff still works. You can go door to door. You can still run newspaper ads. I don’t know who reads newspapers anymore, but you could still do it.

Personally, if someone said, “Hey, there’s this really powerful device for you to attract more people to you.” But it made me a little nervous, then I would say, “Okay, how do I not be so nervous using this amazing device?”

I’m going to try to learn any kind of super effective device or strategy. I’m going to try to get more comfortable with that strategy.

I would encourage you to NOT look at, “What’s the bare minimum I have to do to build my business.”

But, look at what’s the most effective way? What’s the fastest way?

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