Effective social media posts are crucial for any business online, but what kind of posts provide the most value to your audience?

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Business Vs. Personal Value Posts

How often do you post business product value posts per week versus personal? Great question. It depends on what you mean by business product value posts. As far as value posts, because those are not lumped into one, okay? So value posts, which… People think that personal and business is separate on your social media; they’re actually commingled. Value posts, people don’t want to know about what is exciting in your life, right? They want to know what’s in it for them.

And so everything that you go through personally, throughout your business journey or throughout your product journey, is value to them because it’s serving them in some way. So if you’re vulnerable, not to the point where you’re sobbing on camera and you don’t bring it back up to good message, but if you’re vulnerable and you’re intermingling personal value with a business message or a product message, that’s key. As far as promoting your business or product, that’s like 10% of the time; five to 10% of the time. It’s very limited.

As far as the value that you’re offering, those two are commingled, and so 80 to 90% of the time you’re talking about things that have happened in your life or entertaining things or message filled things that can lead people into a product or a service or a business opportunity, but you’re not necessarily promoting it on there.

For example, I did a post on how like I’m the mom that literally shoves their kids out of the car and it’s like, “See ya,” and I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet or done my makeup or anything, had my coffee and my hair’s like this, and I’m in the car, just like, “All right, bye, love you.” I’m dropping off the kids like that. Did I post that… Would that be considered more personal? Yes. But did I post that for no reason at all? No.

I posted it because I feel like my calling and my target audience is really mompreneurs and moms, okay? So that’s what I mean by your personal and your business always commingled. When should you promote? Five to 10% of the time, and a lot of that should be done either mixed into your videos, subtly, or your content, or in your stories.

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