Ebook Marketing Niche Mastery


As an information and affiliate marketer, a lot of my time is spent locating and defining niche markets to go into. Some people believe in looking for niches where there is not a lot of competition but the industry tells us that if a niche does not have much or any competition there may be a reason for that.


First of all you need to determine if your niche is profitable and the fastest way to determine that is if there is competition in that niche. If you are planning on using Google Adwords for marketing your ebook, a great way to see who is getting the most clicks in Google Adwords is to search on that niche and pay attention to what adwords keep showing up from your search. Searching the same niche 15 times and paying attention to which ads are still showing, you should take note as those are the ones getting the most click throughs and probably the most profitable offers as well.


If you are selling as an affiliate, you need to understand that if you are direct linking to the sales page of the affiliate, Google will only show one ad per domain at a time. So if there are a lot of other affiliates pushing the same offer, your ad may not get a lot of impressions and you may falsely believe that there is too much competition out there for that. Buying a separate domain name and then having a landing page that then takes them to a sales page may be a better way to test the offer, however, you want to watch how many conversions you are getting from hitting your landing page to actually go to the offer page. If you have less than 20% conversions, you may want to rewrite your landing page and keep testing until you get that number up.


Don’t get overwhelmed if you are confused on what niche to pick to market an ebook. The best thing with ebook marketing is if you practice selling affiliate offers, you will naturally be a better marketer should you choose to market your own ebook in your own niche. If the niche you start marketing is one you plan on staying in for awhile, you may want to capture the data of your visitors by using autoresponders and opt-in forms.


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