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Easy Breezy One-Liners to Build Your MLM
and Become a Top Earner

Yesterday I was training a guy in Sacramento that was excited to start building his mlm and his desire was to become a top earner in my team. I went over how I talk to strangers but I also gave him all kinds of short one liners he could use when interacting with people he knows and people he does not know. He told me that he wished there was a place he could go to see all of my little lines, so, I decided to write this blog.

Become a Top Earner, by talking less then 15 seconds to each prospect

Is that real? I know what some may be thinking, but Ray, don’t I have to become an expert on my product and compensation plan so that I can explain it to everyone I meet and have them be thoroughly impressed with how smart I am? The answer is not only NO to that question but you are decreasing your chances of ever building an mlm or your chances of if you will ever become a top earner if you (1) know everything about your product or comp plan and more important if you (2) dare try to explain that detailed information to others.

Stop trying to impress or explain and start raising curiosity! If you talk to a prospect that you either know or don’t know for more than 5 minutes about your homebased business, you are highly unlikely to ever bring them into the business. The road to become a top earner is so darn simple, “Say Less to More people”.

Starting down the path to become a top earner

If you really want to become a top earner, you need to learn to build simple relationships. As I mention in my article on how I talk to strangers I start by offering a compliment or at least asking questions such as, “Where are you from?, What do you do?, What got you into this business?, etc. Then, IF they seem like someone I want to work with, I will use one of these one-liners:

“Just throwing it out there but would you be interested in a side project that does not interfere with what you are doing?”

To which, 9 out of 10 will either say “Yes” or “Well, what is it” to which I reply:

“Well, it may or may not be for you but if you give me your contact information and email I will send you a little video, if you are interested, great, if not, no big deal”

Sounds easy right? Here are some possible questions you may face that may stump you (at least before you read this)

Here are the questions you may get and my answers to them.

Q1: Is this network marketing?
A1: If they are really nasty and negative when they ask, I do not explain or try to convince, I simply tell them, It is and it clearly is not for you, thanks though
A2: If they are not negative, I say, Absolutely or I would not be involved in it

I make them understand that I think network marketing is the greatest industry and I am confident in what I am doing. Most people squirm and get uncomfortable at this question, there’s no need to be.

Q2: Well, what is this all about, I don’t have time to watch a video
A1: I am extremely busy right now, if you seriously have no time then I would highly suggest watching that video before you work yourself to death

Q3: How much is it to Join?
A1: There are several options depending on what you want, I would watch the video before you spend a dime because you may watch it and determine it is not a fit for you

Q4: How much are you making?
A1: I am just getting started but they are training me how to get leads and follow the system

Q5: (not really a question but you might hear this)- I am not interested
A1: Cool, no problem, do you happen to know 2 people that have been affected by the economy that want to make extra money?
This response is great as they then realize that they have been affected and want to make more money but worst case scenario they will give you a few leads. I have friends that have used this technique to get one prospect to give them over 150 referrals! You don’t know if you don’t ask!

Mark Yarnell, who has made $30 million in network marketing says if you want to become a top earner and make $100,000 per month within 12 months, you need to talk to 30 people per day. Obviously not everyone is THAT hungry to do that but with these simple one-liners, I hope they will help you regardless of your goals!

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