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Dude, where’s my Book?


Ah, the adventures we have together, don’t we keep it interesting around here? LOL, so, this is the saga of my battle yesterday with industry giant Amazon and how our jungle tactics may have helped.

This Weekend was Nuts

We have been out of town for ten days from Vegas to Dallas to San Diego and we got in late Friday night. Saturday morning I woke up an Amazon Best Seller! Crazy right? We then went on to hit the 3,300 rank in all of Amazon paid even though we told people to wait until Sunday.

In case you missed my post yesterday, we were GIVING away my book on Sunday through Amazon and we were ROARING up the charts, giving away my book, which has a significant amount of work and time I put into it, for Free and people are raving and exciting. Then, the music stopped, birds stopped chirping and darkness fell over the land. Amazon had yanked my book!

The VMI Army Stepped Up

My book, Vibrational Money Immersion: Think and Grow Rich for network marketers was meant to get into the hands of millions I believe. Unbeknown to me my tribe went into action and full on attacked Amazon on their turf with their cries of unfairness and angst (you can follow the actual thread here http://bit.ly/vmirules) and the publishing giant REVERSED THEIR DECISION! Last night we revealed all in this video below, I can guarantee you that this is one of the more interesting webinars we have ever done.

Video: The Full Scoop on the VMI Book


If you would like to voice your opinion, please do so gently and be positive, you can head over to http://bit.ly/vmirules

To Your Abundance!

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