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Dude Asked Me, What is Numis Network?

Thursday we traveled to California and while wearing a company shirt a guy asked me, what is Numis Network? For the next couple minutes I shared with him an overview of the company I joined back in July 15th of 2009 and why I was so committed to this company, Listen in on our conversation…

OK, So What is Numis Network?

I asked the gentleman if he had ever heard of network marketing, he replied that his parents had been in Amway and he had been in a couple different companies throughout the years but had never had success. (think there are people out there like that?)

I replied, Imagine if all the time you were ever on autoship for network marketing that instead of getting a consumable or service you instead got a gold or silver coin each month. And whether you had built a business or not, you had amassed a good amount of assets. What if you had filled your garage with assets rather than juice or shakes?

He replied, that’d be pretty cool and he went on to say that one of the reasons he quit his last company is he had compiled box after box of the product in his garage and it just reminded him and his spouse of non-success.

What is Numis Network and What Do We Really Do?

I asked the gentleman what he thought the biggest problem in America was right now. He replied, probably unemployment. I said I agree that is part of the problem but when people ask me what is Numis Network, I reply that we are a company bent on solving the financial sickness in this country and world by helping ordinary people trade their declining dollars and getting paid to amass assets.

Our asset development program is a way for teachers, truck drivers, and everyday ordinary people to finally start chipping away at their financial disease by amassing more assets. Assets that don’t expire, last forever and also carry a 5 year buyback guarantee.

What is Numis Network 5 year Buyback Guarantee?

Anytime I mention that Numis is a network marketing company that has a 5 year buyback guarantee, people look shocked and ask me what it is. I replied that the 5 year buyback guarantee is our way of allowing everyday, ordinary people to finally, for the first time ever, have a no risk way of amassing assets in their portfolio. Anyone who is in our Silver Premiere Club receives a silver asset each and every month, a government issued, certified and graded asset that IF after 5 years they are not sure they are happy with the coin or they simply need some cash, they can sell it back to the company 5 years after their purchase. I also explained that this was not one of those standard “we pay market price” deals but an actual 100% of what YOU pay, you will get paid back. I did then explain that the only thing better than amassing assets is amassing assets for free with our refer three get free program. At That point the gentleman and I had to head our separate ways but we exchanged information and are to talk on Monday.

Do You Wanna Know What is Numis Network?

My best suggestion to you if you are reading this and looking for something refreshing to do in a home business, to watch the two below videos. In my opinion we need more champions to help us fight the financial sickness in this country, NOT by continuing the age of consumerism but by educating people on what has been going on with the decline of the dollar and how we can ALL help our ourselves by having in place a monthly asset development program. With the changes in government going on, there are certain occupations that just may not have a chance if they don’t start something like Numis Network. I am also going to put some resources under the videos to give you the full picture. IF someone has already mentioned Numis Network to you, get back with them and get your questions asked, as the Number one income earner in Numis Network, I believe in this company and the leaders with all my heart and am excited to be sharing the message of financial literacy around the world!

Video: What is Numis Network


Video: How to Make $100k+ in 12 Months with Numis Network


Common Objections: Bullion or Numis Network?

Other Numis Network Objections

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