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Don’t Go Broke Trying to Get Rich Quick
(the problem with most mlm network marketing training)

“Lotteries are nothing more than a voluntary tax on people who cannot do math” – Unknown

One thing I am really tired of seeing in multi level marketing companies is the amount of people looking to get rich quick. Most of them would say they were sold a bill of goods buying network marketing software or a network marketing system that was push button, recliner approved and required no work on their part, well, shame on anybody that thinks they can get rich without working first! I am going to expose some of the myths out there that I believe are giving multi level marketing companies a bad name. This blog may save you some money or perhaps some headaches!

Are The Multi Level Marketing Companies at fault?

Well, the answer is, like so many, it depends. Here is how to tell: If you have been in multi level marketing companies that sent out company emails and held company events that told you that you never had to pick up the phone or do anything but email out a link, then, yes, those are the multi level marketing companies that I despise. Most of the times this is NOT the case. Most of the times the company itself will never indicate something like this, as any owner worth their salt knows that network marketing recruiting involves building relationships. That is not to say that some reps might use a network marketing system to bring in loads of reps but the chances of that working without building a relationship with those recruits is highly unlikely. Now hold on before you jump to conclude that I say that I don’t believe a good network marketing system exists, because I do.

What does a good network marketing system look like?

First, lets decide what a network marketing system is first, I think some are confused. I am a fan of and support my lead system pro which is an attraction marketing system built for network marketing, not a network marketing system. A network marketing system would be a duplicatable set of pages, audio and video files that people can use for network marketing recruiting and the reps they sign up can use. I am not here to pitch a network marketing system but here is what I want to point out. Any network marketing system that touts you never have to get on the phone with anyone and that the system trains everyone automatically is not the best idea. Repeat after me, network marketing is not affiliate marketing. Can you build an income with affiliate marketing and never talking to a soul? Yes, I have seen it many times but what I have never seen is someone that is a serious long term earner in network marketing that didn’t get there by building relationships. Please stop buying into systems that claim you can get rich in network marketing by only sending emails, postcards or any mass marketing that also combines never talking on the phone. I am not saying that mass marketing does not work, simply stating that you have to be willing to build relationships if you are serious about building an income with any multi level marketing companies.

The problem with most MLM Network Marketing Training

Now, I titled that headline like that on purpose. I actually do NOT think there is a problem with most network marketing training but I do have a problem with how most think they can do network marketing recruiting. There is a real popular trend with people that think the best way to become good at network marketing recruiting is to become Internet gurus first and then the people will flock to them. I guess the one bad part about today’s network marketing training is that it is so darn good! Here is what I see happen: Someone hears about someone using a network marketing system that brings in 50 people. They conclude that the person that did that much recruiting is an overnight success and if they had the same system, they would get the same results. That is simply not the case. The person that brought in 50 using a network marketing system had two possible things going for them. One is they may have had success with multi level marketing companies before OR they have spent a serious, serious amount of time studying and applying Internet marketing tactics. Does this mean you should throw in the towel of all the studying of becoming an Internet marketing guru? NO, it just means you may need to change your priorities.

The only way to get good at Network Marketing Recruiting is to practice recruiting, not studying

As an Internet marketer ( I also happen to do a lot of offline stuff as well) I am again not saying to stop trying to be an Internet marketing guru, I am just saying to prioritize what you really want in life. The only way you get better at network marketing recruiting is by talking to people, not by reading ebooks and watching webinars! The worse you are at recruiting, the more people you should talk to via online or offline. I used to do telemarketing and one training line they used to say at that company that I think is applicable to almost everywhere is “What you lack in skill make up for in numbers”. If you are planning on putting 3 hours today toward building your business, don’t let all three hours be spent at the library, spend some of that time prospecting. You see, prospecting will make you money. Prospecting will get you better at the highest paid aspect of multi level marketing companies. And let me ask you this, If you started spending half of the time you spend studying and instead put it toward prospecting, and you starting making money, don’t you think it would be easier to create online content? If you can tell people online that you are making money versus just making videos, don’t you think that will help your online presence?

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