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Does The Pull-Out Method Actually Work?

OK, if you are already offended by the title, leave immediately, do not pass go, do not collect $200 and learn to lighten up a bit! In this blog I AM going to teach you the pull-out method, perhaps just not what you thought I was talking about, get your mind outta the gutter! The pull-out method I am talking about is how to talk to people when discussing your home based business and why I believe it is a powerful way of operating that so few people have mastered.

What is the pull-out method? The pull-out method is the way of being when talking to prospects that has you constantly in power and never needing to hard close or get them to sign on the dotted line right at the moment. When they start to back away from joining your business or even learning about your business, YOU PULL-OUT!

Now, this is quite contrary to most of the training I have seen out there. I have associates that are AWESOME closers. They can turn every objection into a reason to join right now and I think that skill is learnable and awesome but I don’t think it works for all prospects. My specialty is professionals and network marketing heavy hitters that I don’t think are too susceptible to hard close tactics. So, I am not saying to not learn closing techniques but this is an alternative you might try on and see if you like it. You certainly run the risk of losing some people by doing this but I have found the more professional minded people take to this tactic and actually appreciate it.

Let me give you some examples. Yesterday I was talking to a doctor about my business. He loved the concept. He loved the product. He said, I am ready to go, lets do it! So, I started taking his information. I got his social, address, email, etc but when we got to the credit card information he asked me when my next meeting was. After a couple questions he informed me that he had been ripped off before by giving out his credit card and if he was going to do this business he wanted to meet me first. Now, some of you would be pulling your hair out if you were this close to tasting that nice fat coded bonus off his sign-up. Here is how I handled it: “You know what, I would actually feel a lot more comfortable if you watched the online video first and if, and only if, it made sense, lets schedule a time to talk again to see if this is a fit for you. It may not be. I want to make sure you are sure this is a business for you and I don’t want to just slam you into the business unless we are both sure it is a fit.” He was not only relieved but he told me he was very impressed with how I handled myself and he looked forward to talking again. Keep in mind, this is NOT just psychology, I really do want to make sure it is a fit for him and ask me next week if he is in my business.

The pull-out method is way of being where you are always in power and never trying to convince. When someone asks me if my company is some sort of pyramid business, sure I could give them the standard answers that are taught or I could cut them off right there, pull-out and tell them yes and it’s probably not for them. I see network marketing recruiting almost like dating, sometimes you have to tell them they can’t have what they want (ladies, you know what I mean!)

So try out being powerful by using this method. It is quite addicting. People are perplexed when you don’t chase them or bug them and more times than not will actually start to chase you. Most people out there are trying to take away your power and kill your dreams. Start to be keen to what their plan is and simply don’t let them do it. Stay powerful. You can use this method by projecting your comfort like I did with the Doctor. I told him that I would be more comfortable if he watched the video, you can do that as well. If someone is starting to pull-out from you and indicate they don’t want to join right now, tell them you would be more comfortable if they learned more about the business by watching a DVD or online video. Now, this is quite different than trying to push someone to watch a video, it’s not too easy to push people to do anything but it’s easy to get them interested in doing it themselves.

You can also do this with people ready to sign-up to create some urgency. If someone says they are going to sign-up but haven’t yet, tell them that if they are still researching, kicking the tires of thinking about it, to certainly keep doing that but once they know they want to join they should do it sooner than later. If you omitted the first part about if they are still thinking about it, it may come across as pushy but done in tandem, it works very well. This works especially well if you are in a binary or in a compensation plan that benefits those that take action and get benefits from people who join after them.

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