Upcoming Events and Do NOT think About the Statue of Liberty!
December 27th, 2008

When you subject or title of this writing, what did you think about immediately? Despite my instructions you immediately thought about the Statue of Liberty Right? This story is about how sometimes we miss the opportunity to be purposeful and impacting and instead choose to go with the flow.

I just came back from the hair salon around the corner from my house by Publix. Lately the shop talk in this hair salon has all been negative, how everything is down and how slow the day is going to be for them. Today was especially interesting. My stylist was talking about her husbands Christmas Party. Her husband works at the Hyatt on Coconut Point. She vividly recalled to me that for the Christmas Party the big wigs of the company flew in and addressed the workers, who, despite cutting their thanksgiving dinner prices by half, sold less than 1/3 of what they did last year. What happened next is as absurd as me thinking I could tell you not to think of the statue of liberty and believe in your compliance. He addressed the entire staff as admitting to how bad the economy was, how down they were down from last year and also stating that 2009 was looking pretty grim. He then went on to say that he didn’t want them to think about it and this is why he was opening the bar! He then proceeded to head straight to the private party, away from the staff members, never to return.

Perhaps the reason why he stated that 2009 was looking grim was to try to connect with the majority of the staff that believed that already. Maybe he made that statement because he didn’t want to create any false expectations. Or maybe he was just drunk. Either way, for whatever reason, he was successful in completing eliminating any hope of morale with the staff. Just as or even more impacting was by making his statements the way he did, he successfully alienated the small percentage of managers, division heads and supervisors that had been fighting in the trenches for his company to keep the morale up. More than likely those successful thinking employees will now move on to a company with a better culture.

Why do we miss opportunities to be great? Why do we sometimes choose the easy route such as the Hyatt big wig? Because some people have become afraid to truly taste what it is like to be alive.

“We always experience anxiety whenever we confront the potential of our own development.”
– Rex Kierkegaard

“Do what makes you anxious, not what makes you depressed.”
– James Lincoln Collier

If you are about to do something and you feel anxious over it (and it is legal and ethical), you are more than likely headed in the right direction. When you speak to a friend that is down on their luck and speak in an optimistic way that may not echo their own feelings, you may feel a little anxiety where the easier route would be to consul them and agree with everything they are saying. In these times we are given the opportunity to impact people wherever we go. Think about your impact and the language you are using and what language would serve them and you better.


January is almost here and we have some kick-butt events coming up! I was reading a Fortune magazine and found this awesome interview with Malcolm Gladwell; the genius behind the books, Blink, The Tipping Point and Outliers. In this article Gladwell is quoted as saying:

“Instead of thinking about talent as something that you acquire, talent should be thought of as something that you develop. Proctor and Gamble is a great example of a company that does that and has prospered as a result. Look around Wall Street, or what’s left of it today, and you’ll see lots and lots and lots of people from Goldman Sachs. That’s not a coincidence. It’s because they took their mission to invest in people seriously.”

The interviewer then went on to ask:

Should people be expected to take the issue of developing talent seriously right now, in the middle of a crisis? Of which Gladwell answered:

“Paradoxically, this might be the perfect time. When it’s easy to make money, you have no incentive to think about development of talent. Now you’re forced to. At least that’s my optimistic hope.”

Sooo, what Gladwell is saying is that you should attend the Forever Wealth Club events! Or at least some type of learning events or seminars. Here are our upcoming ones:

Saturday, January 3rd – 10am-Noon
Private Premium Membership Mastermind Meeting
Premium Members are Free to Attend
Non-Premium Members are $27

Click Below to Buy a Ticket if you are not a premium member


(limited to 6 Non-Premium Members)
Those members that cannot make it or are outside
the state of Florida will be sent an audio recording of the
event. The event will cover helping you set your goals for
2009 and what challenges you are currently facing (if any) in
your business. If you are a member, please email
me at [email protected] to RSVP and I will let you
know the location. If you are not a member and this seems of
value to you, you can learn more at

Wednesday, January 7th – 6:30pm-8:00pm
Forever Wealth Club Monthly Meeting
Amanda Devine will be speaking on
How to Make Your New Years Resolutions Work for You to Attract More Money and Happiness.
Amanda Devine is a Life Coach that achieves incredible results with her clients by using a unique approach to the idea of success.
Using the same techniques she teaches she cured with the power of her mind the incurable disease of her nervous system called fibromyalgia that she had for 6 years.
During that time she walked with the cane for 3 years. She also cured her severe allergies that she had for 24 years.
Her approach of using the power of our mind is so extraordinary and that is why it works! It seems that we know many things, but she very skillfully fills the gaps and makes the whole puzzle of success clear for everyone to see, understand and apply.
Amanda Devine has a Master Degree in Psychology and she is the CEO of Totally Unique Ideas.
The Event will be held at the La Quinta Inn at Daniels and I-75 in Ft Myers
9521 Marketplace Rd, Fort Myers

Tuesday, January 20th – The Official Launch of The Forever Wealth Club in West Virginia!

Friday, January 30th – 6:00pm-8:00pm
Charity Networking Event for the Boys and Girls Club of Lee County
with Guest of Honor, Best-Selling Author Robert Shemin

Saturday, January 31st – 10am – 4pm
Best-Selling Author and Wealth Strategist
Robert Shemin to speak on Making Money in a Down Economy
Location: TBD

Looking forward to help shape your 2009!

Ray Higdon
Founder – http://www.TheForeverWealthClub.com

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