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Creating Abundance
When You Don’t Have Money

One of the most common problems people face when trying to create abundance and prosperity is they don’t have money and it’s tough to think about making money when you literally don’t have any money. This post will help with creating abundance regardless of your financial situation.

The Gotcha of Finding Ways on How to Make Money

Recently I created a course called “The Power Mind” and in it I share that what you focus on in your mind is what is going to show up in your life. This is THE hardest thing for people to understand, they will say yeah, yeah, I have heard that before but they are sitting in poverty…that means they didn’t learn the listen the first time, don’t worry, neither did I the first time. 🙂

So, people that don’t have any money search for “things that work” not realizing that they could be smack dab in the middle of something that is totally awesome but because their thoughts are of poverty, they will constantly struggle with creating abundance.

Change your thoughts (it doesn’t cost any money) and you will start to see things differently, sounds easy right? Haha, well, let me share a story…


From Foreclosure to Creating Abundance

Here I was, it was July of 2009, and I finally came to grips that I was dead broke, in personal foreclosure, had lost all of my IRA money that I had saved since 18 years old and life was not looking too good. One thing I didn’t do was share my story of woe with anyone. Here is my biggest advice for creating abundance my friend…

Stop Telling Your Story. Every single time you do, it is going to solidify your reality that your current circumstances is YOU. Know that your current circumstances, if they are negative, are illusions. They are a passing temporary lesson. Do this, and your life will start to change.

I decided that I was NOT a $300 in the bank account guy. I went from depressed to PISSED OFF! It was at that moment that I started focusing on what I was going to do and stopped wallowing in my bullshit and things started to change, slowly at first and then faster than my wildest dreams.

From that house in foreclosure, it took me 5 months to get to a $10,000 a month income and then to making over $40,000 a month two months after that. This is NOT to brag but to show you that YOU can start creating abundance from wherever you are now.

The Hardest Statement to Swallow When You Don’t Have Any Money

Ready for this? Ready to argue with me and shake your fist? Here goes:

It doesn’t matter HOW or which of the ways on how to make money you choose, it ONLY matters that you focus on what you want and not where you temporarily and currently ARE.

Did I get you? Did I get you to say “BS Ray!”, I bet I did, but, it is true. There is nothing “out there” that can compensate for your negativity. You have to first change your thoughts and focus before anything will work for you. Don’t mistake this for the common attacks on books and movies such as the Secret, I am not saying you don’t have to take action, you most certainly do, but, you must do actions with the intent and focus on WHAT YOU WANT not what you don’t have.

Simple Step-by-Step How to Apply This New Way of Thinking

1. Create an incantation on creating abundance. Your thoughts run wild anyway, change it up to focus on what you actually want. Here are some suggestions that you can say over and over in your mind all throughout your day:
– Thank you for my abundance
– Thank you for my riches
– I feel so wealthy!
– Thank you for my wealth
– Money comes easily and frequently

2. Stop telling your story, ever. This means ever. Never. Know that there have been people in worst situations than you that decided to stop telling their story of woe that have created abundance and prosperity.

3. Make a list of all the things you want in your life. Write them down. Pretend you are placing an order (it’s how I found my wife, and love of my life).

4. Constantly recognize in life the things you are grateful for, rather than the things you don’t like.

But Ray, I’m skeptical! How is that working for you? What if, god forbid, you stopped saying how bad things were for a short period of time to possibly get something new in your life?

But Ray, I have heard this before and it didn’t work! Then you didn’t really hear it, did you? The way you know for sure if you truly get these principles is by the results in your life. If you are amazingly wealthy and happy, congrats, you get it! If you are not, there is still work to do. Here are some facebook status updates that you might help as well:

The above steps helped me locate the company I am still in and helped me find ways of how to make money beyond my wildest dreams, but it started with my focus. If you are tired of searching and searching for “what works” or the “How-to”, try the action plan in this post, share it on Facebook and give it a shot, it worked for me. 🙂

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