Today we are going to talk about creating a vision

for your business.

First I’m going to talk about why is it important to even have a vision. Next I’m going to give you some tips on creating the vision of what you really want for your business. Lastly I’m going to share with you a simple exercise that has created absolute miracles in my life.

Why is it important to have a vision?

My favorite quote around vision is by the Doctor Reverend Michael Beckwith. I have shared the stage with him a couple times and he is incredible. The quote of his that I love is, “pain pushes you until a vision pulls you.” If you struggle with justifying doing the work or staying consistent then it’s very possible that you just haven’t taken the time to create a vision for what it is that you really want. What do you really want in your life? This is so important whether you want to speak on stage to adoring fans or you want to have that amazing house or amazing car or pool or whatever…no judgment, you create your own vision, whatever your vision is… it’s your vision.

If you do not do that it’s going to have you default to noticing more of the things in your life that you do not want. That is really detrimental. There’s a gentleman out there named Neville Goddard. He passed away in 1972 (I believe) and taught in the 50’s and 60’s. He talked about how your emotions get propagated. Whatever emotion you are holding on to, that’s what you get more of in your life. If you are holding on to the emotion of anger, then you locate more things to be angry about, but it works the same, good or bad. If you hold on to the attitude and the emotion of gratitude, you locate more things to be grateful for in your life.

This is important when you are in pursuit of changing your life, of having a vision that’s powerful and having what it is that you want in your life. We are going to talk about how to structure those emotions, how to create that vision so that you can really start moving forward at a faster clip toward the things you want in your life.

How do you create your vision?

First, my suggestion is for you to think about… what is something that would be really cool that you may not know how to accomplish, but you can generate emotions around, that you can feel good about doing? I’m not talking about the business vision statement, right. That’s a more formulaic kind of thing. I’m talking about within you. What is going to get your juices going, your emotions going, make you feel good and and really help to create the emotions we want to feel propagated?

I talk about something called vibrational congruence. Most people are vibrationally congruent with the results. They are constantly reporting on, telling others about, sharing, complaining about all the things in their life that they do not like. They don’t have the amount of money, they don’t have the kind of relationship they want, they can not believe that their spouse did this or their kid did that. They are constantly reporting on all the stuff that they do not want.

My encouragement in this type of training that we do here, is for you to become vibrationally incongruent. I want you to start seeing what it is you want in your life as if it’s already real despite your senses. I know that sounds a little strange but this is something that has absolutely created miracles in my life and I know that it can in yours too. I have learned that I don’t use money examples as much anymore because people that follow us, they know we have generated tens of millions of dollars online. If you haven’t done that then you could easily say, “yeah, easy for you to say..” if I tell you anything about making more money, talk about vision and talk about manifestation.

I’m going to use an example that I think you can resonate with and that is dancing. Over a year ago, I bought lessons for my wife and I for ballroom dancing. Now I have never been a dancer, I was always the guy leaning against the wall, the cool guy, had no rhythm. In fact when I started these ballroom dancing lessons two things happened. One, they said to me, “can you hear the rhythm, Ray, like o you hear rhythm, are you able to hear rhythm??” I’m thinking, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Then number two I think they wanted to hire a surgeon to see if my hips actually moved. They’re like, “Ray, you’re kind of like this and could you make them actually move, is that possible?”

I started a very humbling experience and in fact four months in of doing two lessons a week, two lessons a week for four months I still sucked terrible. I know this is true because there was a new student that he came in early for his lesson. He was lacing up his shoes while I was finishing up and when I finished he rushed over to me and said “oh my god I’m so glad I came. I feel so much better. Thanks, thanks for that.”

He was saying I was terrible and it made him feel better that he saw me just be a nightmare. I go home and I realized I have not been approaching this right. I have not created a vision for how I want to actually be as a dancer. I’m vibrationally congruent with my current results and dance because that’s all I do, notice how many missteps I make, complain about how hard it is and say “I’m just doing it over here.”

That night I decided I was going to change it. I created a vision of me being a good dancer. I saw myself gliding across the floor. I saw myself feeling really confident getting on that dance floor. Then I asked myself, “okay, one, how would it feel?” It would feel great. Man, I feel confident, I feel good, I feel like I’m able to dance with my wife better. Then I asked, “okay how would I know this is true?” Well you know Neville Goddard says it’s not what you wish for, it’s how you prepare for its reception. I asked myself, “well how would I know that’s true?” If it was true, if I was actually doing really well in dance then I would get compliments, wouldn’t I? So I saw my dance instructor say “wow, impressive.” I saw the dance studio owner say, “very much improved.” She’s from Russia and about the best you’re going to get. I saw them say these things. I just see it in my mind, I held that vision just a minute, less than a minute of me dancing feeling good getting compliments and I started to feel better about my emotions, it started to feel good.

I go in and the question is okay did I all of a sudden did I just nail it? Was I just amazing? No but I stopped noticing where I was off.  What does that mean for you? That means you need to stop noticing the bank account and complaining about it. You need to stop noticing all the things in your life that you don’t like. I stopped noticing my missteps and I just started showing up differently. Four days later (I know this may sound weird but this is why I call it a miracle) all of a sudden, I do a salsa step for the dance studio owner Irina and she goes, “very much improved.” Verbatim what I saw in my head. Later that same lesson Victoria, my dance instructor, says, “wow, impressive.”

A couple months ago my wife and I placed first in our division in salsa and cha-cha. What’s interesting about this story is only one year in, my instructor said, “there was one day you just showed up and all of a sudden you just got really good from that one day forward.” Well that’s what’s possible when you really create a vision and create the emotions around it and create corresponding conversation around it such as how would I know it’s true?

What would people say to me, who would say it, what would they say. Creating a vision is not about mapping out your entire life but picking a scene. Pick a scene in your life that you would love to experience, that would make you feel good (in whatever area of your life) and hold on to that vision, live more in that vision than your current results.

Let’s hear from you.

Before we get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. What is something you would like to experience? Is it the giving of a check to your favorite charity, is it the helping your mom or dad out, is it taking your kids on a vacation, what is it? I would love to hear your vision. By the way, just typing that into the comments actually helps you. It actually helps you build neural networks in your brain in preparation for that thing to come true. Drop me a comment, would love to see your vision.

What is this exercise?

First of all I have to give credit where credit’s due. I was taught this by my mentor, Satyan Raha. Give him a little shout out. Mr. Satyan, he’s amazing. He taught me this very powerful way (it may sound weird) but it’s a very powerful way of manifestation. First you stand up eyes closed and I want you to pick something in your life that you want but it’s currently not in reality. Better dance or maybe we’ll use that as an example. You stand up, eyes closed and you go counter slowly. Don’t get dizzy, you slowly go counterclockwise and in your head you say all the negative things about that thing. So for me I said (I did this exercise and it helped me) I suck at dance, I have no rhythm, my hips are terrible, I can’t remember the steps, I’m going to bomb on the dance floor, I’m going to suck at competition. I said like really nasty things. I exhausted the negativity around that situation.

Then I stop, eyes still closed and I go clockwise so counterclockwise to your left, clockwise to your right. I go clockwise and I say all the things that I actually want. I crush it, I remember my steps and one of the things I said was I get first place. I crush it, I remember my routine, I get tons of comments, my wife and I have a blast and that’s exactly what happened. When I did that the nights leading up to the actual competition.

Now I’ve since used that in all kinds of scenarios, of money manifestation, of manifestation around parenting. We have a very strong-willed six-year-old daughter and I’ve used this kind of exercise to help that situation. This is something that doing it before bed is very powerful because whatever emotion you lay down with, you’re telling your subconscious this is what I want more of in my life. . What do most people do? They watch the news and they get angry and or need justice and whatever other negativity (I don’t watch the news, I haven’t watched it in decades) negative fear porn that they’re being exposed to, that’s what they go to sleep with so that’s what they get to experience the next day.

Be very aware of what emotion you go to bed with because that is the emotion you are going to get propagated. Use the above exercise and fix it.

Need additional help with creating your vision? 

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