target marketHow do you create consistent content for your target market?

In this training I share exactly how to create content to attract your perfect prospect.

How To Create Consistent Content For Your Target Market

When we talk about creating content, we’re talking about marketing.

There are two categories for building any kind of business.

Prospecting which is active. You reaching out to an individual online or offline. To your cold market (people you don’t know) and to your warm market (people you know).

And, then there’s marketing which is passive. It’s you doing something you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to. That is a billboard, a flyer, an ad, a blog, a Facebook status update, a Facebook Live, a YouTube video, a podcast, ect. It’s you doing something you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to.

Content For Your Target Market

Who is your target market? Who are your trying to attract?

Your NOT trying to attract the entire world because that’s impossible. But you trying to position yourself as an authority in a particular niche market. Trying to attract a perfect person.

Maybe along your journeys you’ve learned a little bit about real estate or maybe you’re an existing realtor that does network marketing part-time or maybe you just want to attract realtors for whatever reason.  I would just ask myself “Okay. What kind of problems do realtors struggle with?”

Or “What kind of problems does __________ struggle with?”

Is it people that are trying to lose weight? People that are baby boomers concerned about retirement? Is it network marketers? Or people that love scuba diving?

Ask yourself:

  • What kind of problems does that target market suffer with?
  • What kind of solutions can I offer?
  • Do they have desires?
  • What’s good information that they would want to know?
  • What’s associated information that they may want to know?

Then, you immerse yourself in that marketplace.

As an example of immersion, I go live every single day in our Rank Makers Group to do a training and give an action step. I’ll be going live in there every single day arguably for the rest of my life. It’s because I’ve immersed myself. Every single day I’m looking at conversations in there, and I’m identifying “Oh, this is where someone’s stuck. Oh, someone needs to learn this. Oh, they’re struggling with this.” And, that becomes a piece of content.

When you are immersed in your profession and you’re reading the trade magazines, you’re paying attention to maybe other people that are teaching in the space, you’re paying attention to the target market when you talk to a target market, you’re learning new things, you should be be able to come up with content on a consistent basis.

What To Do When Struggling To Come Up With Content

Struggling to come up with content OR are you being pulled in many directions?  In the video below I share my secret tips for pushing out daily content.

Did you find that helpful?

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