Are you looking for celebrity costume ideas? Check this one out. My girlfriend and I did this and were the only ones who thought of it, our celebrity costume ideas was Kanye and Taylor Swift! Check out the pic –

celebrity costume ideas

I think this is one of the better celebrity costume ideas that I have seen and we got A LOT of feedback. The whole night I was telling people how ______ was the best _______ of all time! Example:
I told the bartender Julie that another bar in town made the best drinks of all time, the best drinks of all time!

How we did it: For this celebrity costume ideas we shaved my head and she took eyeliner or something and drew on my head all the designs that were in Kanye’s head from the VMA awards. Then applied black make-up, I carried around a hennessee bottle, bought a small gold chain and the stunner shades (he actually wore black glasses at the VMA’s but we figured people would recognize him better). For her we bought a Buzz lightyear doll and wrapped it in aluminum foil for her VMA award and had a fake microphone that I kept snatching away from her. We did come in 2nd (to someone who BOUGHT a good costume…rolling eyes) but did win $100! What are some good celebrity costume ideas that you have seen?

Ray Higdon

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