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The Cost of Success

the cost of success

Today I talk about a little talked about subject, the cost of success.

Watch this video and read the points in this post as it may really help you see why you want to succeed.

The Sacrifice, is it Worth it?

Most of the people that struggle live in an “OR” world versus an “AND” world.

Meaning, they think you can be a great person OR be rich. You can be a nice person OR be rich. The truth is, poverty doesn’t serve anyone. Living check to check doesn’t serve your children, your charities you support or the small business owner in your community.

Making large amounts of money allows you to be more of you. To experience more of the world, to inspire your children and serve your community at the highest level. But, today, we talk about the cost of success vs the benefit of being wealthy. For more info on the making more money, you might like theis article: (it is one of my faves)

The Energy of Money

The Others…

Let me be very straight with you, IF you go from a tough situation to one of abundance, you may think that all of your friends will be happy for you, that will NOT be the case. You will have people tell you that “you’ve changed” (of which I always reply, thank god!)

However, most people are NOT accurate in their assessment of the cost of success, keep in mind, there is also a cost to NOT succeeding. Watch this video to see what I mean…

Video: The Cost of Success

Was that helpful? I am sure for some of you it might have stung, and, sorry but if it gets you to focus on your goals, then, well, I am not sorry. You need to understand that yes, there is a cost to success but there is simply a bigger cost for non-success. You can become anything you want to become from wherever you are, be sure to share this with anyone who needs to hear this message and please comment below if you are gonna do what it takes to succeed!

To Your Abundance!

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