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Congrats to the iPad
Team Contest Winner Doug!

Last month I announced a three month iPad giveaway team contest and this is to congratulate August winner, Doug Demercurio out of Colorado!

Team Contest Details

Whether you are in my team or not, this may give you ideas on things you can do for your team to get people excited. I originally announced this contest at our national conference (recording here).

Here are the details of the contest:

Participants must:
– Be in my team in my primary company
– Be lower than a 4 star manager in my team (this was to reward those that had not yet reached a high level of income yet)
– Actively participate in getting leaders on three way calls with their prospects, at convention I had a stage full of leaders willing to help out. The leaders are very good at talking to prospects so we wanted to encourage this behavior
– Be nominated by their upline. This means you did NOT have to be a personal recruit of mine.

Audio Interview with Doug: Zero Success to Crushing It

There are a few reasons I chose Doug. He did a ton of three way calls with the leaders, his upline (Adam Chandler) highly promoted him and worked hard to get me to take notice of him AND I love his story. The other thing that really topped it off was in his interview he talked about how he helps his new people call people. Keep in mind Doug has yet to high a super high level in the company but he has already taken the role of a leader.

You seriously deserve to hear this story of how a former restaurant owner failed at first by making everything too complicated to crushing it with the leaderboards AND being the first winner of the iPad in this team contest where THOUSANDS were vying for it.

Listen to my interview with Doug Here —>> Doug Demercurio Interview

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