Cold Market prospectingDo you struggle with the best approach for cold market prospecting? This video will help.

I share some cold market scripts with you in this short video, this will help even the most nervous networker!

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My Cold Market Scripts

In the below video I give you some very simple cold market scripts but more importantly than that I tell you the two most critical part of cold market prospecting. You will hear me share an analogy about cold market prospecting that I thought of this morning in the shower that I hope will help you be less nervous and get more results when you do decide to talk to strangers.

It’s crazy that this is even an argument but some might ask whether they should bother with learning cold market prospecting. Well, the truth is there will ALWAYS be more people that you don’t know than you do AND even if you have an incredible warm market that loves to join your businesses and buy your products, I assure you, there will be more people in your team that DON’T have a great warm market than do. This is NOT a bash against warm market as that is also silly but know that I am an advocate of learning cold market prospecting.

OK, hope you have fun with the below video, I really do think it will help you!

Cold Market Recruiting Video

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