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Creative Prospecting Ideas While You Are Out


In my neverending quest to help get people out of their own way and talk to people about their business, this post will give you some fun, clever ways of MLM prospecting while you are out already. See which one is your favorite and implement away!

MLM Prospecting Can Be Fun

Some of the reasons people can struggle with MLM prospecting are:

– Fear of rejection
– Self-Confidence
– Tactically not knowing what to say
– Having a big ego and placing ego above potentially helping others (harsh but true)

If you can just learn to have a little fun with it, it doesn’t have to be that bad. Here is the reality: If you get 2 people per day to watch your company presentation, you will build an empire over the span of a couple years. So, here are some fun ways to initiate the conversation that you can use immediately.

MLM Prospecting Conversation Starters

Here are lines you can use at grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

“Hey, you were at the Home Business meeting last night right? What was your name again?”

This question is to flush out friendly people. Friendly people will say, no, I am sorry you have the wrong person but in a positive way. It may even entice them to ask you a question about home business, this would be great and you can give a one liner about how you work with a team of local people to make additional money from home and share how you have been affected by the economy. Then end with if you are actually interested in a home business, I can’t really go into it right now as I have to jump on a conference call (this keeps you from saying too much and scaring them away while also giving the impression of being busy, a posturing must) but I can grab your contact info and send you some information if you’d like. Do this 5-10 times a day and you will reach your 2-3 people to watch the presentation and your empire will be built.

Prospecting Ideas - The Indirect Hook

Indirect Hook Testimony

MLM Prospecting at a Party

My favorite when mingling at a party (such as the super bowl party) is the indirect hook, I have many testimonies to this approach, one of which is to the left, thanks Phil.

Another one for the party is the commonality comment. This is where whoever you are talking to shares some trait with you and you relate it to someone in your company or team. Here are some examples:

Prospect: I work at BMW
You: No way, really? My company just gave away a BMW to a friend of mine, very nice cars!
Prospect: Your company gives away BMW’s? How the heck does that work?
You: It is a home business and something I am doing (and or started) part time just on the side, I am here to relax and not talk much business but I would be happy to get your info and follow up with you next week sometime if you like?

Here is another one as I wanna make sure you get it that it can be about ANY trait they say

The Legendary Baxter..and my wife

Prospect: I love dogs, I have a maltese
You: No way, really? The top income earner in my home business has a maltese named Baxter, they seem like great dogs
Yadda, yadda, yadda

Hopefully you get the point that you can take any trait from anyone and someone apply it to your home business now that you have an awareness of how to do it. Here is some critical information for you..NOT EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE IN YOUR TEAM! Understand that the goal of this FUN way of prospecting for business is NOT to convert every person into a believer, these are all little tests to flush out positive, fun to talk to people as they are ALWAYS the ones that do the best in the home business industry. Again, these little conversations, over time, can make you a fortune, get out there and have some fun!

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