The other day I had the pleasure of talking with one of my clients, Jessica Perretti, who is a local Naples makeup artist. She has done numerous fashion shows, photo shoots and even film! Jessica has been trained by MAC professionals and has done numerous other trainings in spas and hair salons. Until recently, her business had been suffering but thanks to internet marketing she is no longer struggling and has booked three shoots in the last week!

“Until recently I had no idea about Naples internet marketing, my idea of marketing was either strictly word of mouth and networking or having to pay an arm and a leg for print adds and radio spots. I found that local Naples Internet Marketing is not only the most effective way to market your business, but it is also low cost and reaches out to your target demographic. You can also control who you are marketing to, when and where your information goes and EXACTLY how much you want to spend. NO ONE uses a phone book, think about it!”

I asked Jessica how Internet marketing has helped her personally, her response: “I have so much business it’s crazy! I never thought this would work like it did.”

So what did I do to make Jessica so happy? A couple easy steps. First of all I automated Twitter for her. Clients hire me to do this or you can do this yourself (for the most part) by using this automate twitter system. In 14 days she had almost 500 followers that were targeted to the makeup industry.

I then had her create a free blog, you can see how do to do this by watching this free video I created on business online advertising. I told her to go after terms around makeup that I researched for her using this keyword research tool. Right now she is hammering away at the Naples Makeup Artist keyword phrase and she will dominate that phrase within 60 days.

To Your Abundance!

Ray Higdon
Southwest Florida Twitter Guy
Business Online Advertising Expert