Today I heard the cry of a friends soul. He had just had his
heart broken. I listened to him, assured him he would be
alright and convinced him to come to church with me to the
center for spiritual living in cape coral. The reverend
Emile did a fantastic job talking about how we are worthy
of feeling good now and to pursue those feelings of
goodness through our thoughts and actions. The service
really resonated with me and I felt with my heart a homey
feeling that comforted me. I later found out it also
resonated with my friend. On the ride back we talked and I
discovered he had never read or watched the movie called
“The Secret” which talks about the law of attraction. I
asked him to stay and watch it at my house and he did.

About halfway through the movie he had me pause it and he
said, Oh My God, I did this to myself! I asked him to
explain and he said that throughout their relationship he
always said how fairy tale it was and how perfect it was
and then at some point he started worrying that he was
going to lose it, that the relationship wasn’t going to
work out. When his thoughts changed, so did the results in
his life. The relationship started getting worse and worse
until he got the phone call that told him it was over.

Two questions come from this. Number one, are you hearing
those around you that are hungry for the questions why?
Make it a point to listen to those around you and see if
you can help. There is no amount of money that could
replace the feeling I get when I help someone understand
that they are solely responsible for everything that is in
their life. I do and will continue to do this service to
others regardless of how much or if it ever paid me. This
is how I personally know it is my passion to help others.
My friend thanked me so much for spending time with him,
getting him to church and getting him to watch The Secret,
but, I would do the same thing for a stranger. Why? It’s
not because I believe I am some saint or something I do it
because it selfishly makes me feel good. I do it because it
is my drug high, it’s my gambling addiction, it’s my
mistress. Making a difference in someone’s life and feeling
their gratitude is my crack that I will selfishly smoke
every second I am able to.

The second question is, how many come to the realization
that they are not the victims? How many rewind their lives
and playback their thoughts to realize they manifested,
dictated, and demanded their results. My good friend Lynne
bought me a bracelet that says “Thoughts become things so
choose the good ones”. THAT is the truth. Worry about your
spouse cheating on you and your wish will come true. Worry
about your partners ripping you off and it will happen.
Worry about the disease in your body to rear it’s ugly head
and your wish will be granted.

“I am so happy and grateful now that I have such wonderful
personal and business relationships.”

The above statement is one of my daily affirmations that I
write everyday. I started writing that statement 3-4 months
ago, and I write it, and about 50 other statements, every
single day. Did you know that about 20 days after writing
this my life started changing? I started learning things
about some of the friends I were hanging out with and
learning that maybe they were not the friends I thought
they were, but what was wonderful was they were replaced by
the greatest friends I have ever had. Since changing my
thoughts and writing that daily affirmation, I gathered
around me the greatest superhero group of friends that love
me for who I am and resonate with me and my soul 100%.

Listen to those around you. If you are blessed, become a
blessing for others. If you are broke, start to give more
money away and you will find it replaced like magic. Most
importantly, know this: The Greatest Thing You Can Do For
The World is To Love Yourself. Love who you are. Love what
you have been through. Forgive the past transgressions that
have befallen you. True forgiveness is releasing the idea
that the past could have been any different. Love the past
for it made you who you are, which is something of sheer
beauty, abundance and love. I love every piece of my jagged
history, from my rough childhood to my juvenile craziness
because it made me who I am, and I LOVE ME!


If this resonates with you, here are two things that may interest
you, Thank You for taking the time to read this and I hope it
impacts you in even the smallest of ways.

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Saturday and I am really, really excited!

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In your service and with gratitude!