busy-sqI think there are some network marketers or entrepreneur out there with a warped sense of where they want to go. Today I share how to be busy, rich AND happy! You can get paid, a lot, to do the things you truly love doing, let me show you how.

{Event} The Prospecting and Recruiting Summit

Our biggest event of the year is September 16-18th and we are calling it the Prospecting and Recruiting Summit. This event will share with you how to better prospect and recruit more people into your network marketing team using social media as well as all other forms of prospecting and recruiting. We have not announced the full details of the speakers just yet but they already include recruiting machines such as Brian Carruthers, Cedrick Harris, John Melton, Diane Hochman and more. It is being held at the Sanibel Harbor Resort in Ft Myers, Florida. We start at 9am on Friday and end at 4pm on Sunday. Hope to see you there! To grab your tickets, click here

Want my Plan to Crush it in ANY Profession?

  1. Create free content that is geared at helping and educating the type of people you want to attract. Online content can be blogs (Preferred), podcasts, periscopes, Facebook live, etc. For more on this see my blog post called 19 Marketing Plan Templates.
  2. Focus on generating leads. Once you generate a lead you connect with the lead and determine their need. Based on their need you make a recommendation to them (like a consultant or Doctor). When you are the one creating online content (step one) you are seen as an authority.
  3. Have ways to make money with those targeted people. Network Marketing is a great option as well as having your own offers (once you build an audience) and possibly affiliate offers. Affiliate offers are when you promote someone else’s products and get paid a commission on any sale. We don’t promote it often but we do have an affiliate program for our products, to learn more just shoot an email to our affiliate manager [email protected]
  4. If you really like helping people on a personal basis, consider offering coaching. You don’t have to be a guru to be a coach, there are different types of coaching that you can do. Being an accountability coach is always needed in any profession for example. Stay tuned if you are interested in this as we will be sharing how to be a profitable coach in the next week or so.

For a Full Plan with details, feel free to register for this training

What Makes you Happy?

IF you don’t have any results, chances are, you don’t know what makes you happy. I can tell you that from my experience my two favorite activities are coaching top earners (right now we coach 8 million dollar a year earners in different MLM companies and a slew of six figure earners) and speaking on stage. We are selective on speaking events as I used to travel 22 days a month and I never want to live that lifestyle again but we do keynote from time to time for different MLM companies. If you want to connect on this and have us speak for your company, reach out to [email protected]

Yesterday I did a Facebook live on our page all about creating a life that you love. This may open your eyes to how I view retirement and how to create the type of life that you love. Feel free to share if you get value!

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