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Building Rapport, Prospecting &
Sneak Peek at our New House!

building rapport

Ever wonder how long to focus on building rapport versus for the close in your prospecting? The answer is, it depends.

Watch this short video on building rapport clarifications and also you will see a very short tour of the house my wife and I are buying!

Know Your Place

Almost everyday someone asks me how long they should be building rapport before they bring up their opportunity. There are two keys to this, one is covered in the below video and the other is this…

“Never move to the next stage of prospecting out of weakness” – Ray Higdon

If you are prospecting and in the building rapport phase and someone is being flat out rude or nasty, don’t bother moving forward with presenting your opportunity. Why? Because an expert would never do that. You have to see yourself as the CEO of your life and your business and what CEO do you know that would continue chatting with someone that was being an idiot?

Like I said, the other key to knowing the timing of your building rapport efforts are covered in the below video and has to do with WHERE you are meeting the prospect and or how they found you.

Video: Building Rapport and Short House Tour

Was that helpful? I reference the Bob Burg training and it is great if you have not listened to it, the bottom line is stay mission centric. Look for more training on closing here in the next few days.

Did you like the house? We are excited to run some events and possibly see you there! If you have an extra minute, please leave a comment and share!

To Your Abundance!

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