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MLM Prospecting:
Bob Burg and How to Build Rapport


Want to become a master of MLM prospecting? Watch the replay of last nights training with Bob Burg, it was AWESOME!

Watch this video to learn how to better connect with strangers and professionals no matter where you meet them!

Who is Bob Burg?

Bob Burg is a guy that has had a major impact on me and my career. I first read endless referrals and it totally changed how I networked with others and helped me build a large rolodex.

He is the best selling author of Endless Referrals, the Go-Giver and his brand new book Adversaries into Allies. His style is VERY step by step and you are going to love his training from last night.

What is Inside This MLM Prospecting Training?

Inside the below video Bob Burg shares EXACTLY what to say to people when you first meet them to build rapport. If you ever wanted to learn how to build rapport, welcome to the solution! Bob shared his best questions AND how he follows up with prospects that simply blow them away and get them to WANT to work with him.

If you want to get better at MLM prospecting, this is where you should start!

Video: My Training with Bob Burg

I highly suggest you get your copy of his new book AND be sure to thank Bob for his time, he can be found on Twitter here.

Here’s the real question, will you help me share this around so we can ALL raise the conversation in the network marketing profession? Please share this with your teammates and with others so we can ALL get better at connecting and building rapport. Appreciate your comments below if you got value from this MLM prospecting training.

To Your Abundance!

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