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Are you serious about building your network marketing team?

Here are 2 simple ways to build a massive team FAST.

2 Ways To Build Your Network Marketing Team Faster

As we gear up for Top Earner Academy (February 9th-11th, in Orlando, FL), I thought this may help you in your network marketing goals.

There are two differences between how I approached building my network marketing business than most network marketers. Here are my two suggestions if you want to build a massive team.

1. See Who Is Open

Don’t care if your prospect says no.

I just never cared if someone said no. I just never cared. It’s not like I don’t care about them as a human, I just didn’t care if they joined.

Instead of trying to “close” everyone, which is psychotic. I mean, there are people who you DON’T want to close. You don’t want them in your team.

Instead of trying to close everyone, I would just see who is open.

If they are open, great. If not, no big deal. Go on to the next person.

Now, I wouldn’t make them feel bad. I wouldn’t be like, “You’re an idiot for not joining.” That’s a pretty jerk way to build your business.

I just say, “Okay, cool. No problem. Hey, if you know anyone who does want to make some extra money, let me know.”

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2. Talk To More People

Then, the second thing is just talk to more people.

Most people that tell me, “I want to be a top earner in my company.” And I’ll say, “Okay, how many people did you prospect last week?” If it’s single digits, then that’s fine. No judgment. But, you shouldn’t be saying that you want to be a top earner because that’s not congruent.

It’s like, “I want to be a millionaire.” Okay, well, how much work did you put into your business? “Oh, I order business cards. They might come in. I don’t know. I better check the shipping.” It’s just not congruent.

It’s like, “You know, I want to have six-pack abs while I’m eating a bunch of birthday cake and ice cream.” It’s just not congruent.

It’s better for you to be congruent and say, “Hey, I’d like to make more money.”

That’s fine. Someone who wants to make more money, prospecting nine people a week, will help you get there. Someone that wants to be a top earner, nine people a week is not a lot of people. Even if you’re the best closer on the planet (which closes in network marketing about 30%). Three recruits a week may not get you there to top earner status any time soon at least.

Now, you could say, “I want to be a top earner in the next eight years.” All right, maybe.

Be congruent in your words so when you say things, they’re actually congruent with your actions.

Very important energy for you to have as an entrepreneur.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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