How To Build Numis Network Consistently Regardless of Your Experience or Skill Level

Hello there!

So, you have joined Numis Network and you are interested in building this as a business? Awesome! Congratulations on joining this company, when I first saw Numis Network, here is what I saw:

1) A refreshing product, this is not a “me-too” product or something you will find on the shelves of a grocery store for $8.99 6 months from now
2) A company that has no competition. The Numismatic coin industry is a $100 billion industry and we are the ONLY home based business solution!
3) A worldwide interest in our product. The higher end channels tell you to hedge your bets against the declining dollar by buying gold and silver and the lower end channels tell you to send your gold of silver in a little envelope and they MIGHT send you a check, LOL
4) A one of a kind, never before done compensation plan that for the first time in network marketing history, combines the power of the coded bonus along with the binary compensation plan.

So, how do you build? Well, one thing you have to understand is network marketing is NOT a get rich quick business!

If anyone tells you that you can make tens of thousands of dollars your first month in network marketing, RUN! In fact, you can make more money scrubbing floors your first few months than what you would typically make in network marketing. However, as your business starts to geometrically grow, you can build a serious residual income within 6-12 months, if you are willing to WORK. You see, Network marketing is not get rich quick, it is get FILTHY rich, but in 12-36 months!

So how do you get FILTHY RICH in 12-36 months? You start by “Going for No”. At the 1st International Numis Network we had the pleasure of being trained by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz from . Their training was revolutionary and I highly recommend you purchase their products. Their training really opened my eyes to how I should be teaching people I bring into Numis Network. You see, Network marketing is about longevity. The person that sticks around and continues to introduce the business will EVENTUALLY make money. Some quicker than others. However, people drop out ALL the time due to getting discouraged or by setting poor expectations. Here is what I have seen happen:

Someone gets into the business with a clear vision of who they are going to approach, perhaps 2 or 3 individuals. On day 1, all 2 or 3 say no to them. The person gets discouraged, decides that there must be something wrong with them or something wrong with the business and they stop telling people. Then they decide that the business just doesn’t work and they quit. Sound familiar? I bet it does! But, what if, there was a different way?

Go for No! As Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz teach in their programs and books, if you program yourself to go for a quota of no’s, you no longer are stressed out when you receive them (which, everyone inevitably gets). This is what is interesting, if you set a quota to receive a certain number of No’s each day, you actually don’t mind getting them as they help you reach your quota and here is the reality, you WILL get yes’s if you ask enough people. An interesting story that illustrates this, they took a group of door to door insurance salesmen that typically went door to door trying to give great presentations, fairly lengthy ones to anyone who would listen. They switched to them asking, right from the get-go, “You’re not interested in buying life insurance are you?” Haha, sounds terrible right? Well, because of the “Speed of disqualification” they were able to see more people, which, led them to an amazing increase in profits! You see, simply presenting to more people was better and more efficient than simply having a great presentation!

You can do that too. If you switch your goals to be “No” goals, you can also stay emotionally calm while in the process of collecting no’s and YOU WILL GET SOME YES’S! So how EXACTLY could it work?

Well, with Numis, you have LOTS of opportunities to collect No’s. We have twice a day sizzle calls, one at 2pm and one at 10pm EST. What if you went for 20 No’s for each? What if you specifically tried to get 20 people to tell you”NO, I will not get on the sizzle call” twice a day? Well, you would get some yes’s and if you did that day in, day out, you would build an EMPIRE!

But what else would you do? Well, you would not get emotionally drained when one person told you no! In fact, you would not mind it at all as it is part of your quota! Now, we also do daily webinars. What if you decided to collect 20 no’s for each webinar that we did? Well, you would build a massive empire!

You see, it is in the number of people you ask that is the real power in network marketing. Right now, there are A LOT of people interested in an alternative income. We are also at a point in our economy where a lot of people are talking about and interested in gold and silver and we happen to be the ONLY home based business solution for it! There are people actually looking for this sort of company! You just have to find them!

OK, so, How could you do it? Well, watch this video and use this video on your warm market:

But what about your cold market? Here are some ideas that may help you:

– Everyday, decide on a NO quota for 1) Twitter 2) Facebook 3) Youtube 4) Emails 5) Linked in

You could simply reply in an email or send a message to people in your networks asking them this:

“Hey there, I just got involved in a gold and silver home based business, does that interest you AT ALL?”

Now, most will come back with a “No”, congratulations, you are on the right track! Do this everyday, and you are set for success and WILL build a massive business. I hope this helps you and remember, it is ALL about discipline. Going for No everyday, will yield the results to you and your family in a MAJOR way!

To Your Success!

Ray Higdon
(239) 471-4800