We fully believe in those in network marketing how to brand themselves but often we get the question, “Can that actually be duplicated in Network Marketing?”

Today we tackle this tough question and share our thoughts that will hopefully help you.

Personal Branding and Network Marketing

Yesterday we talked about two secrets to personal branding and on Thursday we are doing an exclusive webinar teaching some of our best strategies around growing your online brand (Click Here to Register) so, why all the talk about personal branding?

We believe that YOU increasing the way you view yourself, which can happen when YOU start creating value for others and when YOU feel better about how you are represented online and offline, can greatly impact how you show up to the world. For example, We have seen clients that just got professional photos done increase their closing percentage with their prospects. We don’t think it is because the prospects were so overly impressed by the photos but instead the network marketer simply showed up with a little bit more swagger and confidence.

There are other reasons we suggest that if you are in network marketing that you brand yourself.

  1. Although we believe it is a smaller percentage than standard small businesses, there are instances where a network marketing company unfortunately has to close its doors and shut down. IF you are like the majority of untrained network marketers and you branded the company everywhere, it can leave you facing criticism and an identity crisis.
  2. More likely is maybe your company adds a totally new service or product line. Recently some of our clients in a green energy company saw their company add a travel component. When you are focused on branding yourself, this isn’t that big of a deal as you typically are bringing up your company and services to those you either prospect OR have already connected with you and become a lead.
  3. It is simply more effective. People like to connect with people not company slogans or logos. If you are lazily posting your company flyer on your social media every ten minutes you are going to turn way more people OFF than on.

But Ray, CAN it be duplicated in Network Marketing?

So, we’ve said that it is more effective to brand yourself than a company and we certainly stand behind that but can it be duplicated? The answer is, yes and no, let me explain…

The acquisition of a prospect is often not easy to duplicate. What is actually more important is how you handle a prospect once you have them.

When I was in a travel network marketing company, one of our teammates was an airline pilot. He would stroll through the airport and often would strike up conversations with others and with his heavy authority in the travel industry, could get probably about anyone he ever conversed with to at least take a look at the company video. The federal aviation administration now requires 1500 flight hours to become a pilot and an additional 1,000 flight hours before you can fly as a captain. Does this mean everyone in a travel company needs to become a pilot or that people in travel network marketing companies should just not recruit pilots as they are not able to be duplicated?

Dumb question right?

How about those in health and wellness network marketing companies that ALWAYS have a few doctors in the team.  I have seen doctors crush it in health and wellness network marketing companies by offering their products at their office or even running presentations. Doctors must complete a 4-year undergraduate degree program, spend four years in medical school and then complete 3-7 years of residency training, before they are eligible for medical licensing, is that the new requirement for health and wellness companies that everyone becomes a doctor or should you avoid recruiting doctors because they just aren’t easily duplicated?

Yet another, dumb question.

The truth is MANY people who enter network marketing and have success entered in a way that due to their past or occupation is not easily duplicated. This doesn’t mean that without these advantages that you cannot have success, quite the contrary, but if everyone solely focused on ALL being able to be duplicated, MANY would never be brought into the industry.

YOU can create your own advantage by improving yourself and how you feel about yourself and we believe personal branding is one of those ways.

It is very true that not everyone will be willing to do the work to learn personal branding in your network marketing team, we always treated it on a case by case with varying degrees of instructions.

IF someone just wanted to make money quickly, we told them prospecting was the key and they may consider doing a video from time to time to attract people to them but we did NOT tell them to go get their blog, professional photos, develop a logo or slogan, etc.

IF someone in our team wanted to treat this like a profession and learn personal branding, we would tell them to REMEMBER to keep prospecting while they were learning but would share with them some of the steps we are going to share on Thursday night.

We believe what is more important than how you acquire a lead is 1) How you feel about yourself (which personal branding the right way can definitely improve) and 2) How you handle a lead or prospect once you had them. Even though we have built a large brand over the years, we still followed EXACTLY what we taught our team to do with leads or prospects when we were actively building a network marketing team.

Shouldn’t You have Massive Success BEFORE you Brand Yourself?

Some narrow-minded uplines like to bash any of their teammates that attempt to be different and brand themselves if they do so BEFORE they have created success. This is NOT a good idea. I started doing videos for the network marketing profession when I was in Foreclosure. Those videos are what helped me get out of foreclosure. IF you understand our thoughts around branding, branding is adding value and there never is a bad time for you to start helping others.

network marketingBottom Line

Personal branding is about as easy to duplicate as getting your teammates to talk to strangers, some, no matter how many times you instruct them and teach them simply will NOT ever prospect a stranger. However, IF they feel better about themselves, you may see them do things they never would have done. Not everyone in network marketing has to learn personal branding just as not everyone has to be a top earner and not everyone takes their network marketing position seriously. If YOU are serious about crushing it, we suggest you take the time to learn how to better brand yourself WHILE you continue all the traditional methods of prospecting and recruiting as personal branding, especially in the beginning, does not replace those actions.


What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! Today we finish day two of our Top Earner Club mastermind here in Lido Beach, Florida and I look forward to seeing some of you on Thursday night!

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