A lot of you know I am aggressively building a brand new network
mkting company that deals in silver & gold collectible
assets. My excitement over this has helped put me in front of some amazing
people, including Dolores Rey. Dolores is the VIP services
director for Global publishing. Global publishing is one of Ron Legrands

For those that may not know, Ron Legrand is the leader
in real estate investment education for the past 27 years. Ron
has personally bought and sold over 2,000 houses and his information
marketing company he built in the 90’s went public with revenues
exceeding $20,000,000 annually from his books, tapes and

Needless to say, Ron is a pretty impressive guy.

So back to my story, my friends Jon & Steph Iannotti are
mentors with Ron Legrand and introduced me to Delores and Delores loved
the idea of NumisNetwork so she signed up. I suggested to her
that maybe, because it deals with assets, that Ron Legrand might be
interested. I said this but part of me thought, here is a guy
with a company that has grossed over $20 million a year, what would
he have to do with a small investment like the company I am


The call came from Delores. “We are scheduled to talk with Ron
at 2pm on Friday”, she said, “Be ready, he doesn’t like to waste
his time.” OK, so, I got my wish! Wow, this is a guy that regularly
does seminars of 300-2,000 people at a time and is known
internationally as the biggest name in real estate investing, this COULD get

So I barely slept the night before. I was picturing myself
speaking from the stage at Ron’s events and having the huge crowds of
people run to the back of the room to be a part of our team and then me
helping those people make big money.

2pm Friday came fast. I get the call. Delores says, “Hope you’re
ready cause here he is.” My friends Jon & Steph graciously
introduce me as a master marketer and network mkting guru and I am on.
Here is how it exactly went:

Ray: Ron, big fan of your books, you have taught me a lot and
thank you for your time.
Ron: OK, go ahead
Ray: Ron, I think you are a fit for this network mkting company
for two main reasons. Number one, it is an asset. Your students
understand and appreciate assets and they also understand
multiple streams of income.
Ron: I don’t want anything to do with something I have to put on
my body or in my body
Ray: Haha, yeah, I hear you, well, this is not like that, this
company deals in silver and gold collectible assets.
Ron: Gold and silver are only going up
Ray: ABSOLUTELY! We are just intercepting the trend of what is
on the mind of a lot of people. A lot of people are buying silver
and gold right now to hedge their bets against the dollar. We don’t
deal in BULLION, we deal in certified/graded silver and gold
collectible coins.
Ron: Do you know the advantage of having collectible coins vs.
Ray: I think so but why do you think it’s better?
Ron: Collectible coins are non-confiscatible and have tax
advantages over bullion
Ray: Awesome. So the second way I saw this helping you Ron is I
will speak at your events, handle the paperwork and coach your
people, you will not have to do any of that.
Ron: Of course I won’t.
Ray: Haha, and, as your network mkting team grows, these could
be potential people that may want to attend your other seminars,
essentially you could offer discounts or tickets to those in
your team.
Ron: If I do this, will I get placed at the top?
Ray: The company is less than 3 weeks old, we are all at the top
and we are the only company doing this, there is no competition.
Ron: Alright, I like the product, send me the information on how
much I will make if I put 1,000 people in.
Ray: You got it and thanks for your time!

I heard from Delores that after he hung up he pointed back to
the phone and said “I like it”. I then faxed him the form which he
sent back Saturday.

So, you just never know who you will run into and start doing
business with when you are confident about your product. So, for
those of you out there that are Ron Legrand students, it is very
possible you will see me at the next meeting!

Onward and upward!


PS: If you have an interest in learning more about the company
I am growing with Ron, Check It Out Here – http://www.CoinsMLM.com