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Book Review:
The Charge from Brendon Burchard
Chapter Two

Me and my wife with Brendon

Here are my notes and review as I go chapter by chapter into the book called “The Charge” by Brendon Burchard, one of the best performance based books you will ever find. If you have ever felt like you could be performing at a higher level, you just might consider getting this book.

Brendon Burchard’s book on High Performance

If you missed my notes on chapter one, you can read them here (Brendon Burchard Chapter One). In that post I asked people if they were really interested in me going chapter by chapter reviewing this book and the answer was overwhelmingly YES! We can stop at anytime, so please share and comment if you want me to continue on this path and fill you in on my cliff notes version of Brendon’s book. By the way, if you would like to get the book, you can get it here.

Chapter Two of The Charge: The Drive for Control

Brendon Burchard says there are five baseline drives and in this chapter he discusses the one called Control. He wants you to know that you cannot control everything but that you can only control the quality of our character, actions and contributions to the world. Take his quiz here (feel free to answer in the comments section if you like)

Q: How in control of your life do you feel today?

Q: How in control of your mind, emotions and experiences do you feel?

Q: How in control are you of the immediate world around you?

Your answers will say a lot about you and how happy you actually are. We all want to control our relationships and interactions with ourselves and the outside world. The problem arises when people become rigid and expect things to turn out exactly as we had planned. If you want to know if you have ever suffered from this, just think of a time when you prospected someone for your network marketing business that you knew would either be great at it or who really needed it and IF you were upset if they didn’t join…ever have that happen? =)

People who suffer from attempting too much control possess these traits:

– Caged into obsessive routines
– Don’t collaborate with people
– Treat people harshly that don’t “snap into line”

The Three Activators of Control

#1. Control your outlook and character – You will never control what happens to you but you can control the meaning you attach to what happened and how you respond. Can I get an AMEN?

Brendon goes on to say that despite popular misconceptions, optimists are NOT just dreamers who look at the world through rose colored lenses, they are actually more likely to see the world as it is but prepare themselves to take appropriate action versus just complain and moan about “what’s happening to them”.

#2. Control for New – Your brain becomes much more activated when something new or challenging occurs. It means we should spend as much time strategically and purposely thinking of new things to do to challenge ourselves as possible, almost like an ongoing bucket list. Brendon shares six simple ways to control for new:

  1. The 90 day getaway – every 90 days do a staycation or vacation and go somewhere you have never been.
  2. The restaurant or dining tour – once a week have a date night at a new restaurant
  3. Shows, sporting events, experiences – Attend sporting events, art exhibits, just get out and embrace new experiences
  4. More travel adventures – create your top 50 places you want to go in your life and once a year mark one off that list by going
  5. Expanding your peer circle – attend a new networking event, charity, fund-raiser, etc to make some new friends
  6. Skill development – attend educational events to learn new things

#3. Control workflow – This one might be the most profound in the chapter. If you ONLY got this subsection of a chapter down, the book would be totally worth it.


With all the self-help realization and all the books and resources on workflow, time management, management, and leadership, less than 20% of workers say they are actively engaged and enjoying their work. Why is that?

Brendon Burchard suggests the two biggest factors are Lack of Ownership and distraction and both are fairly new to the workforce.

Jobs used to be very singular where you were in charge of your little part of the world and someone else was responsible for theirs but with the introduction of the cross-functionality project team, that all changed, and with it, changed our ownership.

People feel more powerful when they fully OWN something.

The other part is distraction. The number one distraction is your inbox. People are addicted to checking their emails every minute of the day. While at dinner with friends and family, first thing when you wake up and even when you use the bathroom! His quote, “The in-box is nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas” is so true. Here is Brendon’s suggestion to battle this:

Do NOT open your inbox when you first wake or get to work. Start in strategy mode and think about what impact you want to make on the big projects you are working to accomplish. Brainstorm what 3-5 big things you can do TODAY to impact your life and or business FIRST before you open that email. This sets the intention of the day on YOU, not other people and what THEY want.


In the comments section below, feel free to converse on one or more of the following:

1. How would your life change if every morning you focused on YOUR big goals versus just react to emails?
2. With what person or persons in your life could you decide to not try to control so much that might impact your life?
3. Where can you be more action oriented in your assessment of life happenings versus creating a meaning and wallowing in that setback or happening?

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