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How to Become Rich {3 Secrets}

how to become rich

Something I first studied when I was 18 years old was How to Become Rich.

If you are someone that is serious about learning how to become rich, this video and post will most certainly help.

Million Dollar Couple Picture

For those that may be wondering, the last network marketing company we were involved in made that picture for us where we earned over a million dollars in commission. Yes, network marketing can work, if YOU work!

Isn’t Wanting to Be Rich Bad?

I have talked about this A LOT in my blogs over the years. IF you struggle with thinking that making money is bad or the desire to make money is bad, this post might help.

In a nutshell, here’s the deal…staying broke doesn’t help anyone and it also doesn’t inspire anyone. AND, in case you think that there is only so much to go around, you being broke doesn’t make someone else rich. Be VERY careful of thinking it admirable to stay poor and bad to become rich or you will get your wish.

Having and making a lot of money simply makes you more of who you are with the ability to experience more of life. You can donate more to the charity of your choice (if that is what you want to do), you can get better educated to help more people or you can simply travel the world and show your family a life of abundance. IF you don’t agree with the input in this section, you probably shouldn’t bother to watch the video below as it only details the steps on how to become rich (and I wouldn’t want you feeling bad if you did that but don’t want to)

Video: How to Become Rich

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To Your Abundance!

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