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Awesome Marketing Seminar:
The No Excuses Summit

New pic, Like?

New pic, Like?

It is that time of year again to one of my favorite marketing seminars, the No Excuses Summit! Check out the details here

What’s Up with the No Excuses Summit?

Every year for the past four years my buds Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos (no, they aren’t life partners) throw a huge motivational and tactical event in Las Vegas called the No Excuses Summit where they bring in the hottest online/offline MLM marketers in one room and had a blast.

Even though Ray and Ferny definitely are not dating they are the very best at putting together a kick butt event and making sure everyone gets a ton of value and education. They even let you pick the speakers too, you can vote for your favorite trainer here (make sure you vote for me or I hunt you down!)

My Special Relationship with These Dudes

When I attended the first No Excuses Summit, none of the speakers knew me, I sat in the audience and wished to be up there on stage empowering and helping others and I vowed to get on that stage the next year. It was awesome to get a call from Ray and Ferny (no, they don’t live together) the next year and get asked to speak on stage. I have since spoken at No Excuses Summit 3 and one of the four speakers already chosen to speak at No Excuses 4, a LOT has changed since last year so I am prepared to BRING IT this year and I definitely think you should attend.

Why Attend Yet Another Marketing Seminar?

This is not just another marketing seminar in my opinion. They bring the very best speakers together and they seriously make it fun. Attending the No Excuses Summit is a total blast and it is also where I have made some of the biggest connections in my business.

If you decide to attend, follow these simple rules:

1. Bring an empty pocket so you can collect business cards.

2. Bring a video camera so you can shoot videos with the trainers and speakers to use on your site.

3. Think like a marketer, not just a consumer and take notes so you can go back and TRAIN people from your site or in your meetings or webinars.

If you would like to see your options about getting a ticket, all the details about where it is and when, you can check it out here.

OK, so I am totally kidding about the relationship of Ray and Ferny, just having a bit of fun, make sure you are there in Vegas to hang with all of us and have some serious fun. If you are attending, comment below on what speakers you voted for.

To Your Abundance!

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