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Audio: Why This Top Earner Thinks Numis Network is The Best MLM Company


Last Night we had planned on doing a training webinar where I interviewed my secret guest, 25 year veteran and multiple company top earner in network marketing, but, due to technical problems, we were unable to hold the webinar (Yes, amazingly, I have the ability to mess up the technicals of something I have done a million times!) So instead, I did an audio interview!

Now, in this interview, my friend Jessie lays down exactly how he has come up through the ranks of network marketing and why he thinks Numis Network is the best mlm company he has seen in his 25 years of networking. Now, this audio is much more powerful than a simple advertisement for numis network, he actually details how he is building his business, how he has built it in the past and let me tell you, he does NOT do too many in person meetings. In fact, he has built all of his organizations, 100% over the telephone!

Now, I ask Jessie some hard hitting questions such as:

– How Can You Motivate the Reps in Your Team
– What to do to to prevent from getting frustrated
– What to do with Numis Network if you are brand new
– And many more!

You can access the audio file here

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