Do you want to change it up and not talk about your business or niche?

Here I will share exactly how to talk about things NOT in your niche and get sales without losing your audience.

Attraction Marketing: How To Talk About Unrelated Topics And Still Recruit

Position yourself as an authority. Position yourself as an authority in scuba diving, dog food, pet care, anti-aging, baby boomer retirement, or whatever. If you position yourself as an authority by out-teaching your competition and by being so good they can’t ignore you, then you will build a following.

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You will have people hanging on your every word and showing up on your Facebook Lives, etc. As you bring them closer into the fold, you’re going to have different conversations with them.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you’re a health and wellness blogger, and you’re in a pet food network marketing company. Just throwing it out there because they’re kind of two very, very different things.

I might say on a Facebook Live, “Hey gang, today I’m going to talk about the antioxidant benefits of Himalayan blueberries. The Himalayan blueberry is known for its ________”  (And I say all these wonderful things about blueberries.)

And then I say, “I hope you got value from this, and I hope you’re rocking it. And by the way, some of you know that I have pets and caring about my pets is so very important. Don’t know if you have pets, but if you have pets and you’re interested in the best nutrition, feel free to reach out to me because I’ve done a lot of research. Bye for now, guys. Talk to you later.”

Call To Action

So, I threw in a little call to action, just a tiny little call to action at the end of that piece of content that is attractive to my target market. If people have been following me, if people like me and they have pets, they’re probably going to reach out.

Why? Because they see me as a trusted authority. I don’t have to be the trusted authority in pet food, but they see me as a trusted authority. And they will want to get my opinion.

What NOT To Do

So, when switching up your marketing and talking about unrelated topics, there is one thing that you DON’T want to do. Because this may actually cause you to lose the majority of your following. In the video below I share what that one thing is.

Did you find that helpful?

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