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Attraction Marketing Secrets and How to Get Leads

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Back from Cabo and excited to share with you two attraction marketing secrets to help you learn how to get leads.

Watch this short video to master attraction marketing!

What is Attraction Marketing?

You have already seen it, you just maybe didn’t classify it as attraction marketing.

It’s when the local realtor puts on a free seminar on how to buy your first home or when the local restaurant has a free wine tasting class. It’s leading with value to hopefully attract more customers. The bigger question is, what is value? THAT is answered in the below video.

By the way, the BEST resource that made an impact on me in regards to providing value is the book Atlas Shrugged. It literally changed my life and I highly suggest you read or listen to it.

Attracting and How to Get Leads

Inside the below video I shared the two main components of attraction marketing and how to get leads. Even if you THINK you understand attraction marketing, I am willing to bet you will learn something inside the below video.

Spamming is the total opposite of attraction marketing and so is looking for favors. If you try to guilt someone into helping you without mention of what is in it for them, you are doing repellent marketing. How many people do you know that practice repellent marketing?

Video: Two Secrets for More MLM Leads

What I teach in this video is powerful. It may just break down why people either DO or DON’T ask you about your business and how you can change this so you learn how to get leads. It is what I have practiced for years and one of the main reasons we have built a powerful brand and a large team inside of our network marketing business. It’s also why so many people have asked me to speak on stages all over the world, I highly suggest you watch this video if you want to take your business to the next level.

Now, all this talk about attraction marketing, remember, before I learned how to get leads, I was creating them by doing active prospecting. That means I reached out to warm market, cold market, online, offline, etc all during the process of creating an attraction marketing method of getting MLM leads. IF you are aren’t having leads roll in yet, don’t JUST do attraction marketing, do what you need to do to show your plan to people while you work on that too.

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To Your Abundance!

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