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Our All Inclusive Cabo San Lucas Trip

All Inclusive Cabo San Lucas

If you follow my blog you know I am normally dishing out some training, not in this one, just a fun video but it does have a message.

Watch this short video to see our all inclusive Cabo San Lucas adventure!

All Inclusive Cabo San Lucas..

Just in case you have never been to one of these kind of resorts, we stayed at an All Inclusive Cabo San Lucas resort which means you pay one price and all your drinks and food are included. This is probably our 5th or 6th time staying at an all inclusive and they are usually a blast, this time we stayed at Dreams in Cabo. This is not a review but my quick assessment is the service, location and layout are great, the food and rooms are decent. Last time we stayed at Pueblo Bonito, that resort is prettier but the service was not nearly as good in my opinion.

The Point of This Blog Post

It’s easy to see all my other blog posts and perhaps think we work all the time. We certainly love what we do and we do work a lot (we don’t actually consider it work though) but we also travel like rockstars and probably vacation more than anyone we know. THIS is why you want to work hard to create residual income in network marketing, it’s not just to keep working, it’s to have the ability to go have fun, create memories and see the world!

Fun Video: Our Trip to Cabo

Wasn’t that awesome? lol We have a blast wherever we go and SO SHOULD YOU! Don’t work until your 50-60 to THEN start living your life, life it now, create more memories and know that life is meant to be ENJOYED not ENDURED!

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To Your Abundance!

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