Lead Generation Systems. There is a LOT of people doing network marketing or multi-level marketing right now in America. Some people build it by the traditional ways of making a list of their friends and family members and doing home or opportunity meetings at their house and the houses of their friends but is there a way to build your network marketing business online?


The answer, like so many other questions, is IT DEPENDS! It depends on the network marketing company you are doing as some of them are very restrictive and others are more open-minded to internet business. I am currently building both types so I know the hurdles with each of them. With a restrictive company, you cannot use some of the top tools of affiliate or information marketers such as http://www.Myspace.com or http://www.GoGetter-Network.info or even using Google AdWords, however, for the ones that are open-minded, you have quite a few tools you can utilize to create a lead generation system for Multi-Level Marketing.


One must-have tool is http://www.AutoResponding.info. This tool will manage your leads for you and also auto-respond when they opt into your page. Why is this tool so powerful? Well, you are going to get a lot of people that look at your page but then click away and you will never know they were ever there, however, at one point they were interested enough in your opportunity to at least click your page. I highly encourage you to create some sort of freebie, an example that I do is I give away a 5-day E-Course on building a network marketing company at http://www.FrustratedwithRealEstate.com just for people giving me their name and email address. This gets a lot of people to give me their info in exchange for the course and allows me to build my database of people that are at least mildly interested in network marketing. I have my 5-day E-Course set up to be automatically delivered using http://www.AutoResponding.info.


Now, one system to get traffic that I absolutely LOVE and wish I would have found years ago is Mike Dillards http://www.MasterMLMRecruiter.com system. All I can say is Wow, powerful stuff. Did you know you can use tools such as http://www.MyspaceCash.info to automatically build a huge network of friends in Myspace? You can even selectively request friends that have keywords in their profile that you want to attract For example, if you are a network marketer, you could use MLM keywords in your search for these people, then, once you have a large network, start blasting out articles and blogs about your opportunity or drive people to your site.


The other system I think is heaven-sent is THE MAN Jonathan Budd’s http://www.MLMDownline.info system. This guy is unreal. He has massively built several network marketing companies from the comfort of his own home without even picking up the phone! This stuff works and both of these systems have resources in them that I am currently using in my network marketing strategy.


Ray Higdon’s home page is at https://rayhigdon.com and is the founder and owner of http://www.FrustratedwithRealEstate.com. He can be reached via email at [email protected]