new to network marketingHere’s my very best advice to those new to Network Marketing.

If you want to create success quickly, this may help even those brand new.

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Advice to those New to Network Marketing

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Number 1, you need to embrace this as a long term career. If you don’t, you’re in the wrong spot. You are in the wrong business. This is a long term career. If you don’t embrace this as a long term career then you’re fooling yourself. If you come into this profession dipping your toe in the water and hoping, seeing if it’s going to work out, it won’t. This is a long term deal. It’s a long term profession. It’s something you just gotta look at it that way. If you start this business as, you know what, I’ll see how it goes the first couple of months, don’t even bother. Just seriously, don’t bother. Don’t even join. Don’t join the profession if you’re going to “see how it goes.” This is built for residual income and it’s built for long term. That’s what network marketing is for. Embrace it as long term.

Number 2, you need to release your need for acceptance and approval. Most people they buy a new car, they buy a new house, they get a girlfriend, boyfriend, and they immediately seek acceptance and approval from their friends, from their family members. Let me tell you, I’ve seen people break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend that they were totally in love with because their friends and family didn’t approve of them or didn’t think they were handsome enough or good looking enough. That’s how severe people are addicted to acceptance and approval. It’s crazy. You need to release your need for acceptance and approval.

There’s a lot of people that tole me I was nuts to start network marketing. There are people that said it will never work out, there are people that said it was a scam. Well guess what? Now many of those people joined me. If I required acceptance and approval I would still be in corporate America. I would not be an entrepreneur because no one approved or accepted of that. I never would have gotten into network marketing.

Next, get to your company events. Don’t even talk to me about, I want to be a top earner, and you’re not getting to your company events. You haven’t a shot. You haven’t a shot in hell if you’re not getting to your company events. If you want to be a top earner. Now if you are on here and you’re saying, you know what, I don’t really so much about being a top earner but you know, I want to make a living, okay? It’s unlikely. You won’t become a top earner by not going to your company events, it’s unlikely you’ll even make a living if you are not going to your events. Go to your company events.

Next, work on yourself daily. I used to be terrified of public speaking. I used to suck at marketing. I used to suck at sales. I am someone who kept improving and continues to improve. I’ve improved my way to get to where I am and I’m continuously improving still.

Improve your way to the top. You think that the people at the top, they’re so different from you. No, they just kept going. They didn’t quit. They kept improving. They were once just like you.

Lastly, you need to do profit producing activities which in network marketing is getting eyeballs on the presentation. You need to get people in front of your company presentation, whether it’s home meetings. You need to get people in front of your company presentation.

Another thing, if you’re new I would highly suggest getting my Home Business Fast Start CD. This is something that, it really breaks down the basics. I think that would be very beneficial to you. I’ve had people tell me they’ve listened to this over 100 times and it helps them every single time so that’s a suggestion for you.

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