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Everyone is always in pursuit of happiness. Maybe you have traveled far in seeking happiness, believing that it is to be found in the mountains of Tibet, when actually, it is within your reach. Below are some tips that will surely help you develop a happy attitude and see the true meaning of happiness.Realize Your Worth. Realize that you are just as important as any other person around. You are not just a tiny speck in this universe. Having a healthy self confidence and self worth makes you aware of your purpose in life. Once you know your life’s purpose, it will give you a sense of direction, which helps you sort out your life, and would eventually lead to contentment.

Find Contentment. Not settling for less is not a bad thing, but while you are on your journey in reaching your goals, don’t forget to be thankful for what you have now. Counting your blessings helps you to put things in perspective. A lot of people go through life wanting things, not knowing that it’s not the Lexus or the Rolex that will make one happy. See where the important things in life lie: your friends and family.Do the Things You Love. Doing the things you love would be sure to keep you in high spirits. Make it a point to treat yourself to doing the things you enjoy the most. It can be dancing, writing or catching the latest movie. No matter what it is, don’t stop yourself from enjoying life once in a while. Keep in mind that happiness is found in pure things. If your brand of indulgence involves waking up to a hangover or to being jittery and in need of your next “dose,” then you better ask yourself if that is the kind of “happiness” you want for yourself.

Take Time to Help. They say that “He who refreshes others, refreshes himself.” Helping doesn’t necessarily mean giving people stuff. Helping out may be as simple as providing a shoulder to cry on, or squeezing the hand of someone in distress. The best way to be happy is to make others so.Be with Happy People. Being with happy people surely does wonders for you. Being surrounded with lighthearted people helps you absorb their positive energy.Be Optimistic. Keeping a positive attitude towards life is a prime characteristic you must possess to achieve happiness. Teach yourself to be happy. The potential to be happy is in everybody, you just need to know how to bring it out in you. According to Psychologist Martin Seligman, each of us has the power to bring in real joy into our lives. Therefore, it is our choice to be happy or to wallow in loneliness and discontent. Be Thankful. Recognizing the people you have in your life makes you realize just how good life is. Just looking at your family and set of friends and knowing you have them through thick and thin are already reasons enough for you to be happy. You never have to look too far to find the happiness you’re searching for, because it is actually inside you. Your state of mind is the yardstick of just how happy you’ll be.

Live in the Present. If you keep on replaying your past, you will never get to enjoy the present. How can you move forward if you still keep looking back? Forget the painful things that happened in the past. Learn from them, but don’t let them hold you back from happiness.

Love Unconditionally. Nothing beats love in terms of giving joy. But “love” is not restricted to romantic love, it also involves the love of friends and family. Love is a a balm to the wounds of the soul. Unconditional love, they say, is the best kind of love anyone can give or receive. It is the kind of love where you expect nothing in return. Giving love unconditionally is hard, giving man’s bent to be self-centered. But do get altruistic sometimes. When you give, out of the abundance of your heart, when you move from the mental frame of giving instead of getting, it is when you will realize that life is sweet, after all.After all is said and done, remember, happiness is a state of mind.

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Ray Higdon
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