Today I thought I would write about what my day is going to be like today, as an Lee County Internet marketing company owner. Well, I start off the day with a meditation, today was around 5:30am. Then I update my blogs. As a Lee County Internet marketing company owner, it is important to provide fresh content to the Google gods to keep them from getting angry. After I update my blogs, I write my affirmations. What type of affirmations does a Lee County Internet marketing company owner write? Well, very little to do with Internet marketing actually. Here are a few that I write:

I am so happy and grateful that I have such wonderful personal and business relationships.
I feel fantastic now that I only have wonderful things happen to me.
I am so happy that I have such happy clients.

And about 30 more. This is a powerful exercise. Speaking of exercise, after my affirmations I am heading down to Naples to work out with my personal trainer, Naples Trainer Nick Smith. My first 25 days with Nick I lost 18 pounds so he knows what he is doing! After Nick I will either hit some Naples Yoga at OmVibe, or I will head to Lifestyle Fitness in Naples to hit the weights some as Nick only has me do cardio.

After that, I get on the road back to Fort Myers. Here is where the daily tasks of a Lee County Internet marketing company owner begin. Monday is my day I have conference calls with 4-5 of my clients. It is important to stay in contact with my clients and keep them moving forward and happy. Sometimes we are talking about the progress of their adwords campaigns, sometimes page design, sometimes ideas for blogging, etc. My conference calls go until about 2pm, then I will work until about 4pm and go get the kids. Monday night is cub scout night so we will head there. Maybe watch some DVR’d shows, perhaps do some more meditation and that will wrap up my Monday!

Hope you have a great Monday!