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7 Tips for MLM Coaching and Teambuilding

We met some of the Chicago team at the Trump

Last week I announced that I was going to bring on some new students for a new MLM coaching program I am doing. I got tons and tons of responses and welcomed some new members to the team. So, after a half dozen coaching calls I figured it would make a good blog topic as I don’t see it talked about very much at all. If you want my 7 suggestions for MLM coaching, read on and watch the video.

What Type of MLM Coaching am I talking about?

Good question. The type of MLM coaching I am talking about is upline coaching. If you are a third party coach that coaches networkers but are not actively building a company, some of these may or may not apply. One of the biggest misunderstandings that I see is how to coach your downline and team and most of the times I think uplines do this wrong.

MLM Coaching in 7 Tips

1. You are going to have people that are not as hungry for their success as you are for theirs. Get used to it. If you fret over all the potential in people versus how hungry they are and how much action they are taking, your MLM road is going to be depressing. Never underestimate the non-motivation of other wise talented individuals.

2. Lead, don’t manage. Adding a new person into your team does not mean you stop doing whatever you did to get them involved and push all that hard work on them instead, it means giving them a path where they can meet their expectations which may or may not be your expectations of them.

3. Focus on the hungry, not the needy. Notice how these first three have really nothing to do with MLM coaching but of time management? When you first start coaching members in your team, give them small homework assignments. Those that are not very hungry, will not do them, and will go away. This does not mean to never talk to them but just means you still have some work to do to find those that really want to build a business.

4. Coach them on profit producing actions. Here is the secret to producing profits in this industry, ready? Talk to people. No, not through facebook chat, not through email but either through the phone or in person. It is the only action that is guaranteed to work. I know marketers who spend 70+ hours per week creating articles, blogs and videos but never sign up anyone. Why? Because this is a people business and people want to have a relationship with someone before they join them. People join other people, not their business.

5. Determine where they are having their biggest problem in their profit producing activities. Are they not getting people to attend events or watch presentations? Or, are they getting people to watch the presentation but are not closing them? (BTW: Here is my training on prospecting and here is my training on closing) Then focus on improving that ONE area, not every area of the rep.

6. Be the understanding doctor. Let your teammates know they can be honest with you as you cannot help them unless they are truthful with you. Do not try to beat them into doing something they are not willing to do and don’t beat them up in the beginning if they have not done what you suggested in the past. This, however, does NOT mean to continue coaching someone NOT following what you are suggesting to them, be willing to fire coaching students quickly if you are both wasting your time. This is NOT skill specific, this is action specific.

7. Records are your friend. When you have someone that is hungry and doing the things you are suggesting with actually getting people on the phone versus hope some unnamed individual responds to their blog post and they are still not getting results, have them record their conversations. Either in the invite or the follow up and then you can really tell quickly where someone needs to improve.

Video: MLM Coaching in 7 Tips


Hope this helps you in your quest to be better at MLM coaching or to understand how good MLM coaching should be, please comment if you have questions, suggestions or you just like this post!

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